How should my shoes fit?

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by random101

So I'm mighty confused I just went from Sidi Ergo 2's to New S-works shoes.

The LBS didn't have 43's in stock so I went with 42.5's.

They are an amazing fit, a world of difference in my peddling compared to the ergo's.

Here is my question, the shoe width is great (could be a touch narrower) but I'm not sure where my big toe should sit.

Whether I should go up size or whether these are a good fit.

Here's the deal, standing with my heel against the back of the shoe my toe is in a happy place if I lean forward and put a bit of weight on my forefoot my big toe makes contact with the shoe (not at the tip but just before it).

After riding today they felt great but towards the end of the ride I had to focus to keep my heel in the back of the shoe to help my toe relax a bit more (if I tighten the 2nd wire it prevents my big toe touching the shoe, but the extra pressure may not be too good for the foot (deadfoot potentially).

What are your thoughts?

Live with it if it doesn't cause pain? The shoe can stretch?


Go up a size already!

by Weenie

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by xplaza

I don't think they will stretch in length but in every shoe the upper gets a bit more supple and comfortable after a couple thousand km.

I can now get my Sidi Wire very tight without pain or discomfort, but when new I had to leave them a bit loose to avoid upper-foot pain and my feet were moving a bit when pushing. Same as you, had to focus on keeping the heel in the back or I would feel like my toes were too much to the front.

Perfect fit for me is large enough so you can have very happy feet when cruising around with them a bit loose, but still not having to focus to avoid having them rocking back and forth. And, when you tight them for climbing or pushing hard, your feet must not move at all but still not be in pain neither discomfort. Any top shoe should be able to fit like that, if not, trying a different brand as you did is the best thing to do.

So, unless they clearly feel bad I would not make a final decision on the first rides but if after they break-in you are not 100% happy try the size up, you can always sell the other pair or even keep them both for summer/winter socks or whatever.

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by random101

I feel like i've almost taken two steps back with these shoes (I use a custom formthotic in my Sidi's and a thicker sock - always toasty happy feet) but a bit loose.

Update on the S-works, I will have to take it to my bike fit guy and try some other inserts the blue have given me a heap of pain on the ball of my foot (could also be where the cleat is placed but yeah not a great feeling!)

The shoes fit perfectly without any inserts haha but I don't imagine that being too comfortable :P

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by random101

Update; After a few hundred 100km's the shoes have broken in much nicer and are much nicer on the toes. Still not 100% but close

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