Hey, I'm New. Madone Frame Upgrade Question...

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by Vicelord

Hey guys, I have an account on Bike Forums but I'm afraid to post anything there because it almost certainly turns into bickering and whatnot.

I have a 6 Series 2014 Trek Madone that I've been riding for the past year/10,000 miles and I'm getting antsy to get a new frame, and have been seriously considering the Dogma F8. I can't find any direct comparisons on frame weights, and I am a bit skeptical of Pinarello's claim of their frame's weight.

Can anyone tell me (educated guess is good enough for me) if the Dogma F8 frame weighs more or less than the 6 Series Madone?

I will likely be stripping the Trek down and building the new frame up with the 7900 group and Reynolds wheels that I already have so all things should be pretty equal besides the frame. I currently am 15.69 pounds with pedals and bottle cages.

Even though the Pinarello is my first choice, if it turns out it's going to be a boat anchor, I'm inclined to look elsewhere. My team's sponsor shop is also a Colnago, S Works, Cannondale, and LOOK dealer and I'm not averse to any of those really, if anyone has another bit of advice for me knowing that I'm ready to spend, up to, as much as an F8 frame.

Sorry for the novel, and thanks for your help. I'm excited to have joined this forum after lurking for years.

by Weenie

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by Chello

Keep your Madone and upgrade to Dura Ace 9000.

On a serious note the F8 is a very new frame to market so there are not many real world weights floating around. You should get it just for the threaded bottom bracket.

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by mannymerc

DA 9000 is a really good upgrade, I would keep the madone, Im starting to like those frames a lot, I almost got a series 7 2 weeks ago.

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by Ozrider

The Dogma will be heavier than a Madone 6. Madone is pretty light, semi aero, rides and handles well.
Rather upgrade to 9000 or Di2 or get a really nice set of wheels

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by chris8382

Seems that of the brands you mentioned, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO would be about your lightest, if that is really what you want (aside from the uber-ridiculous $ of the Emonda SLR.....)
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by Vicelord

I think I just found a complete weight for a 2015 S Works Tarmac Red.... 13.7 w/o cages and pedals?

I think I can get that bike for about $3,000 less than a Dogma and that's going to be at least a pound lighter than a similarly equipped dogma?? Why does this not make sense to me?

by Weenie

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by pje0713

Why is a pegoretti so expensive since it's heavier than every carbon bike?

Low weight is not the only factor that determines the worth of a bike.

Blasphemy, I know...

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