Best way to move bikes across country?

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by VTBike

Yeah, i'm calling to see what it would cost to get them rolled into my renters insurance policy -- which I confirmed will cover all my stuff on the relocation trip.

What worries me about that is if you have 2 claims on your insurance policy, you are totally blacklisted from getting insurance again; or your rates are going to be insanely high. We had a claim on our homeowners insurance a little over a year ago before we sold our house -- pipe burst in the winter, and caused $30k worth of damage. They covered all of it, but when we went to switch to a new policy (renters), our cost of insurance was more than for homeowners. They said that it was because of the claim... and the research I've done indicated more than 2 claims on a policy, and your in trouble. Anyway, not a reason to not get them covered, but just some thing to consider.

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by vwo05

Try to get discounted shipping labels. They use fedex but get special rates. I just sent a frame in a 48 x 24 x 10 box for $34 with $500 insurance. A full bike with additional insurance may be more but at least worth a look. It can even get shipped to a fed-ex facility that will hold it for you.

by Weenie

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by Camilo

All that follows are my opinions, of course, but they're correct 8)

First, you're nuts if you're even considering schlepping them with you across country. The ONLY possible reason is if you actually wanted to ride them on the way. Otherwise, why the heck would you want to add a significant daily hassle to your routine of keeping two kids and a dog happy and finding a place to stay each and every night. Just think it through. It's nuts.

Because there's no way it's more secure than the other two options. Bikes exposed to the elements, and subject to theft or damage every single day unless you spend time messing with them.

As for the other two options, I can't imagine how anyone would think that entrusting them to Fedex or other service could be safer than totally controlling the handling by boxing them and placing them strategically in the trailer. Why do you think that would be dangerous? The only way the trailer would be more dangerous for the bike is if it was in a crash or if the whole thing is pilfered or stolen, and frankly I believe that would be less risky than the bike boxes being loaded, unloaded and handled several times going cross country on Fedex. Why do you think that any common thief would (a) actually get into your stuff, and (b) think of steeling a bicycle instead of a TV or other normal household goods.

Plus, if you pack the bikes for a trailer, there is no bulk or size restrictions. No need to break the bikes down into a normal bike box size. Like someone said, just take the pedals off, turn the handlebars, wrap the ever livin' crap out of them with a lot of bubble wrap and packing tape, then piece sheets of cardboard around the whole mess. No reason to be concerned with appearances or size, and no need to consider it being moved a bunch because once you place it in the trailer, it won't move until you unpack it.

Surround the bikes by other boxes to keep them from moving, pack the trailer so stuff doesn't shift more than a couple of inches, and there is no way in god's green earth that the trip across country will hurt a bike that is bubble wrapped and cardboarded.

Frankly, I really doubt if you pack the other household boxes around the bike carefully, that you'd need anything more than bubble wrap, and maybe wrap that with moving blankets. But cardboard - built into a box shape of any size you need - is fool proof with bubble wrap.

In contrast, properly packing a bike for shipment by fedex requires a LOT more care and fussing around.

Make sure the entire contents of the trailer is insured, and document as much detail about the items in the trailer including the bikes as you would need to file a claim.

I would be shocked and amazed if your bikes wouldn't be treated like every other single piece of household stuff you have if you file an insurance claim for loss and damage. It's just not a big deal to an insurance company - you own it, it's insured. (again, make sure you can document if there's a question of value)

To me this is absolutely a no brainer.

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by OSOK1989

Box them and ship, trust me its the best to do it.

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by oreoboreo

First, welcome to Oregon. There are a few of here from Oregon. Go to performance bike and ask for 3 bike boxes, they are always wanting them to go away. Pack them yourself and put in the trailer as noted with all the rest of your stuff. I think piece of mind that you are transporting them in my mind is the best. Do not put them on the roof, this has been a bad year for snow and Ice and the rocks will do damage. In Oregon they sand (rock the roads) Like many of the smaller areas that you will travel through.

What city will you call your new home?

Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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