Deda Parabolica Clip-on aerobars

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by drotos

I'm new in the TTing, and have an option to choose Deda Parabolica Zero (straight) or Deda Parabolica Due (S-bend) clip-on aerobars. I need them for short to mid length time trials. What do You suggest?


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by jockster

I have had the straight ones in the past, which I ended up selling as they did put too much strain on my wrists to be comfortable even for really short TTs. Perhaps not only the fault of the aerobars as I already have damaged wrists from crashes in the past, so your mileage may vary.
The Deda Parabolicas are entry level aerobars and offer limited adjustability like other aerobars in the same price range. Pads goes left/right + fore/aft & extensions lengthwise. Thats about what you can do with them. I really missed having pad height adjustment (stack) in relation to the extensions. Perhaps this could be solved with some some nuts, washers and longer bolts.

The pads that are delivered with the Parabolicas are way too thin for my taste. Also the extensions are not pre-drilled for internal routing, so expect to bring out the drill if you want to keep your cables neat.

My suggestion is the PRO Synop extensions which I have tried and works great: ... -aerobars/

by Weenie

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by mitchgixer6

I had the s bend version and they put my wrists at an angle that was comfortable. I would imagine the straight versions wouldn't be very comfortable. I don't imagine the angle of your wrists would affect aerodynamics very much. I know a lot of guys who are winning TT's on ski slope extensions so I'd say comfort would probably be of more importance even for short races.

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