-/+6 degree vs -/+17 degree what effects will it have?

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by eric

The .883 method is often called the LeMond method since it's in his training book. But he got it from Guimard, his DS on the Renault team. LeMond ran a low and back stage race position compared to the high seats of the typical US crit racer of the time. Also LeMond has long thighs, making a more rearward position useable. It's why his frames had slack seat tubes.

.883, like KOPS, is not the final word in position. But it's a decent starting point for road riders. Based on studies of power produced at different seat heights, it's better to be lower than your optimum than higher as the power falls off less when too low than when too high.

by Weenie

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by cajer

If you're looking for a good fitter in Pittsburgh I recommend Glenn at big bang bikes

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by G6612

Thanks for everybodys input, Getter thanks for the pic at least I am not the only one that does not have a huge amount of seatpost showing. I currently adjusted my bike to the Lemond theory 30.5 inches x .833 which by my calculations will be 68.4 CM from bottom bracket center to top of saddle I will adjust small changes as I go. I am going to give that a try for a few weeks on the trainer and probably when spring finally gets here go and have a professional fit. I will contact Big Bang cycles in the near future.

Thanks again.

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by dunbar42

numberSix wrote:5'9, 32" leg length, 52cm Evo HM
BB center to saddle top, through the seat rail clamp centerline, 745mm for a flat saddle (Selle Italia SLR) 750mm for a rounded or padded saddle (SLR Gel Flow, etc). Speedplay pedals. 175mm cranks.

Wow, that sounds like an aggressive fit. I'm 5'9" with a 32" cycling inseam (actually measured 32.5" once) and ride a 54cm Roubaix SL4. I run a 725mm saddle height and 172.5mm crank arms. I did have a highly regarded fitter set me up with a 757mm saddle height once but my toes were pointing down at almost a 45 degree angle. I came in complaining of knee pain so that may be why he raised it so much. Whenever I measured it I could never duplicate 757mm (always read lower) so maybe I'm measuring different than everyone else.

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by ross

Same dimensions as Getter above and my BB to saddle measurement is 68.5cm, this is on 52cm CAAD9 and 52cm CAAD10

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