Powe2Max or Quarq Riken (for new build)

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by carbon337

What would you get in a new build? I'l give you some background.

Im getting a new road frame and have saved a bit spare cash by getting an ex demo rather than new 2014 model. This has left me £1000 ish spare and with a new baby on way this doesnt seem likely to be repeated soon.


2 Bikes, Ideally I want to be able to swap the power meter between the two as easy as possible.

Bike 1. Giant Trininty Composite, I will race TTs using this power meter. It currently has a Shimano Ultegra 6700 crankset and shimano BB. But SRAM RED Shifters and mechs.

Bike 2. Giant TCR Adv SL, no BB as yet. Shop will press me in whatever for free. I will be using my current Ultegra 6700 full groupset on this. I have an Ultegra chainset for this too. I would train and ride this pretty much all the time with the power meter on.

Do I go for the new Power2Max with rotor 3D Type S or Quarq Riken GXP, Im in no hurry for it with the weather in the uk at the moment. I have a loaned Powertap that I will use for now on winter bike.

If i go Quarq RIken I need to get an additional GXP crankset so I have a spare to use on the opposite bike and get the TT bike BB changed. Also means I could get it from my local shop where I am getting the frame from rather than taking the new bike away and fitting the P2M supplied from a differnet vendor. The LBS have supported my racing loads in the last few years inc loaning the above TT bike to me for a year free before i purchased it, I like supporting him and we have a great relationship. With the type S being new design im also worried about initial teething problems.

If I go P2M then I will be buying from P2M direct so no onshore support in the UK but everything is pretty much straight forward and I wouldnt need additional equipment and Germany isnt too far to return it.

Decisions Decisions. Going Quarq would allow me to put a Red crank on new TCR and bring the weight down a little bit there too, but then I intend to ride the power meter on the Giant often anyway so this seems pointless. Im tempted to order the Quarq and just see how I get on with 1 crankset, If i find i need a new GXP spare setup I can get one later in season. Have I answered my own question?

I hate making decisions.

by Weenie

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by cyclenutnz

If you have the same BB in each frame (which you would), Riken is a very easy swap (1-2mins). I would advise that you just get that and pick up a spare crankset only if you find you really need to.

It's not really a decision - just follow the logical path that you've already identified.
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by TimW

I'm in the UK and have been running Power2Max every ride since March with Rotor 3D+. No problems at all, no spikes or any other weirdness. I've swapped the P2M to my winter bike and it works fine with no leaking/sealing problems even in torrential rain. I like the flexibility of the Rotor crankset, just change the cups to match the frame fitting - a bit of future proofing.

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by naylor343

+1 for the P2M. I have been using the P2M rotor 3d since Feb 13 and it has not missed a beat. I have swapped it between my Giant TCR winter bike and my Adv SL, super quick and easy to do. Totally hassle free, just how something that just works should be. The only thing that would make the experience better would be to have 2!

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by DMF

Sounds like a Stages PM might be the most convenient route if you're gonna run two sets of Ultegra cranks.

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by Zigmeister

Up to you on this decision. But you wont ever get anything but outstanding service from Quarq. Originally owner or not. Cant say enough about them, and a good product.

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by carbon337

Ordered a Quarq riken. Thought about the red but the extra £££ actually pays for a second red crankset I can use if needed.

Thanks for advice.

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by Krull

using p2m the fourth season, in winter i am runnig it on my old steel-mtb. works without any problems at all, changing crankset (rotor) cant be easier-but decision has been made, quarq has probably the same qualities. wish much pleasure with the pm, and good training-progress!
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by Grill

I've had my Power2Max for a year. It's been flawless on all 3 bikes it's been on and takes 2 minutes to move from one bike to another.

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by carbon337

Purely going with Quarq as to support my LBS. Im sure both options are equal.

by Weenie

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by djm

Someone recommends Stages, for me that's a very different product.

Based on anecdotal references from friends I'd pick the P2M any day :-)

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