Parlee ESX Aero

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by Ozrider

Fairwheel bikes posted some pics this morning of the new Parlee ESX Aero frame set. ... -frameset/



Ozrider - Western Australia
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by Weenie

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by kac

I'm sure it's a super nice ride but something about the aesthetics doesn't appeal to me. I much prefer traditional tubing on Parlee bikes.

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by Wingnut

I like it...just not the rear brake position...
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by Calnago

Ok, I'll say it... aero or not, that is one ugly bicycle.

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by btompkins0112

I think it is rather attractive for an aero bike. Most aero bikes (S5, Felt AR, etc.) are not aesthetically pleasing to me. This isn't the most beautiful bike, but it ain't the ugliest, for sure! I'd ride it.

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by Calnago

It's a bicycle in puberty, confused and unsure. Am I aero, am I not, what are these humps growing on my body? Help me, help me!

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by michaelten

not the best looking bike I have seen, the flattish sections around the head tube look odd

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by wojchiech

is the bend upwards on the toptube an aero benefit, a 'old inflexible geometry' benefit, or a combination of both? :lol:

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by elviento

Certainly a bit of a stretch to say it's attractive looking. And maybe Cervelo or someone will buy one to do a side-by-side test to produce actual data, but from a quick eyeball I suspect it's not very aero either.
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by fitty4

If you hold the hand over the front end then it's very pretty, ugly lumps and fork

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by DMF

I fail to see the reasoning behind the seat tube/seat post design. Seems to me like all the comfort cons of an actual aero post but non of the aero pros? Maybe the part beneath the rail clamp flexes a bit... But if you're going for unforgiving shapes you might as well hug the rear wheel, no?

Agreed on the puberty comment... Am I aero? Nailed it...

I actually like the top tube though, if you remove the lid and slam the stem so it sits infront of the hump, and you'd have to with that monster of a head tube. And I like the down tube, where you can actually be most aero with a conventional bottle, makes sense for an everyday bike...

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by kgt

It' sad when marketing hits even builders like Parlee...

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

is it a balloon dog gone wrong?
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by NealH

It certainly appears to have a healthy size head tube which would seem a bit out of place on a aero bike. Maybe its very narrow though. Or perhaps this is the tall head tube aero option.

by Weenie

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by DMF

It's a dentist tube for sure.

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