2014 Cervélo R3 or S3

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by 53x12

In my opinion, I would go with the S3. The R3 is a great bike and I would go that route if I needed something like a dedicated climbing bike. But for a one bike quiver, S3 hands down. For most of us, we don't do uphill TT only. The aero benefits of the S3 will make up for any slight advantage the lighter R3 has. The S3 isn't that much heavier than the R3.

Here is a good rider review of the two.

http://redkiteprayer.com/2014/07/the-ce ... -and-s3/2/
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by 964Cup

I've got an R5 and and S5; if I had to have only one bike, I'd go for the new S3 as a good compromise - it's the rear triangle of the R-series (for comfort) on the aero S-series front triangle and seat-tube, for speed. It will weigh a little more than the R3, but not enough to matter (if one's allowed to say that kind of thing on here).

by Weenie

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by rosuch

I am a Cervelo fan and have had a 2010 S2, 2011 R3, 2012 S5 and now have a 2014 R5 with a 2014 S3 on order. My opinion is that I enjoy the aero aspects of the S series more than the comfort of the R series.

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by rmerka

You'll be thoroughly pleased with the S3. Even with the aero seatpost I think you'll find it absorbs the bumps quite well and will enjoy the benefits of both S and R.

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by rma

Enjoying my 2014 S3 more every day... also own a 2012 R3 Team

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by SkippyMcJimmelstein

To those that have both, do you notice the less drag of the S3 frame when riding?

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