Ghibli Disk Setup - Special Cassettes??

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by ParisCarbon

I've been looking into the Ghibli disk, and only became aware lastnite that it requires a "special cassette" as per Campagnolo's Wheel catalog... no where does it mention anything about this "special cassette" anywhere on the site...(that I could see) A little more research and I found a Campagnolo Ghibli Cassette on another website which is apparently 10 spd spaced but is only 9 Spd?

So the questions then.. is this true, can't run a 10s on the Ghibli, I presume due to offset, thus they've taken away one cog and made the 9 spd 10 spd spaced.... What chain do you use? The 10s narrow since it is 10 spd spaced?? And finally... can you use a 9 spd index ring in the bar end shifter, or will this throw the indexing off with it being 10spd spaced, and just deal with the extra "click" if you overshoot.. (obviously the RD will be blocked so the chain can't shoot off)


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by Amadeus

1.Nine speed index ring in bar end shifter does not work with the narrower 10speed spacing.
2. Yes you use the Ultra Narrow chain that is designed for the10speed spacing.
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by Weenie

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by SalsaLover

I will resurrect this thread to ask my question here.

I just got me a Ghibli Ultra, it came with a 9 cogs, 10 speed spacing cassette.

My setup is 11 speed so I am buying the 9 cogs, 11speed cassette.

My question is, for people who use this 9 cog special cassette :

How do you setup your shifters ?

my intentions are to use the bike with a normal set of Boras 11 speed cassette and swap to the Ghibli only when it is needed, but I don't know if that would pose a problem if you inadvertidely switch into the 10th or 11th Cog...

how do you do it ?
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by Stefano

Just screw in the top limit screw when you put in the disc, that should keep it from hitting. when i did it for junior gears (blocked off the bottom end for me though) i had to buy a longer bolt cause the stock one wouldnt go far enough- just check that in the stand the derailleur can't hit the side and you'll be fine.

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