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by fifarafa

Hi all,

I'm looking for durable carbon seatpost. I need 9 mm setback, so I wonder between seatpost with zero and 10-12 mm setback (sth like Deda Superleggero RS or Mnlink). What do you think which is better? Could you recommend me some?

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by BRM

Please use the search because its a returning question that is answered multiple times already.

by Weenie

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by Frankie - B

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by jrmynthn

I've been using the Tune Schwarzes Stück seatpost from Tune which is a zero setback. It's a great minimalist seatpost which I just completed a review of if you want to read it. Overall a great zero setback to consider.

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by otoman

I've always been partial to the 3T Dorico. It is zero setback, but the widely placed clamps sometimes limit how far you can move the saddle compared to other seat posts.
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by erik$

The Enve straight has about 5mm.

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by munk93

And that thing is really good looking. Also, it has a round, and oval rail option, despite having a specific clampsystem. (Oval for carbon, round for alloy/titanium)

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by jrmynthn

Agreed the ENVE is a really great seatpost in either zero or setback. There is a reason so many others use their clamping system. It works and works very well. Easy to setup and and easy to make adjustments.

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by jrmynthn

first one yes. the others no. They are the same concept but done slightly differently. IMHO the best clamping system is the Fizik clamp but they don't make it in a zero setback and it's quite heavy compared to others. The bridge and cradle used by posts like Tune and MCFK are the lightest and most difficult to work with. But once it's set and dialed you benefit from the weight savings every day. The ENVE system is probably the best overall.

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by greentimgreen

I too would recommend the ENVE zero setback post. I use one with custom painted decals 8) on my Parlee and love the aesthetics and comfort of it. However I haven't found the mechanism to be as great as some others - it's slipped a couple of times now, despite being tightened to the correct torque. It's a shame and an annoyance!
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by 2old4this

Check out Schmolke as well. Freakishly light weight zero setbacks. They also have 10mm setback ones (which I've never used/seen in person.)

by Weenie

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by Briscoelab

Enve "zero" has 5mm offset.

Thomson setback is 15mm.

Syntace P6 Hiflex is also a great option. It's zero offset, but it's clamp design is great and lets you get to 10-12mm offset easily, while still supporting the rails well.

Zipp setback posts have 20mm, so you can get to your desired setback easily with one of those as well.

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