Creaky skewers - Tune, Enve.. what doesn't creak?

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by VTBike

So I like lightweight skewers, like many of us. Been riding Tune's for years, and then the constant 'creaking' of them finally got to me. I have a Supersix frameset, which does seem to be a factor in the creaking - i've since put the Tune's on a Felt F1X, which doubles as my winter road bike, and the creaking is largely gone. Moved to Enve skewers, which seemed to offer a ton of value for the weight - but the creaking is in full force after a couple months of riding. It was suggested I put some grease on the plastic bushing, which i did, but to no avail.

Finally threw on my set of Mavic cam skewers that came with one of their wheelsets. Creaking gone, bike is silent.

Anyone else have this issue? Can anyone recommend some lightweight skewers that don't creak?


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by jipperd

You might consider reading this excellent review of several high-end skewers. ... er-review/

by Weenie

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by mimason

I have some Zipp skewers that are very good. Light enough for you?

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by HermesSport

I've been very pleased with the Paul skewers - I'm a fan of closed-cam designs in general, and those are some of the lightest made, as far as I'm aware.
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by mimason

^ I've never seen those before. The design looks great. Campy/Shimano is a light package.

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by 2old4this

I've been happy with Tune DC14 and Lightweight Obermayer.

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by ihs0yz

Which tunes do you have exactly? I have Tune AC14 and no creaks at all. Would it have anything to do with the clamping mechanism? I really chose the AC14 because it closes like the all-reliable dura ace skewers do, I think it's called internal cam....

by Weenie

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