64g Dura-Ace Derraileur

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by thatdkid



by Weenie

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by Geoff

I thought you guys might find this interesting: http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/05/29/fou ... more-60718" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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by RudyMontana


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by prendrefeu

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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by deek

You know that they're serious when they have a scale that goes out to four decimal places (and/or a chemist/drug dealer)

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by wrcompositi

Sorry for digressing.. the newest entry on Bikerumor's homepage has not been updated since Apr.15, I've been thinking if the site is dead or not? :? Why can't I see new articles? Removing cookies doesn't help... :noidea:

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by djconnel

That derailleur is amazing.

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by DrGalactus

I had the same problem wrcompositi, holding shift while refreshing fixed it

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by wojchiech

i love how the back 'plate' is just a single Al? Ti? bar


minimalism at its finest

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by wrcompositi

Judging from the front photo, one end of the rod jams into the lower pulley, and no tab on the derailleur's body to block the cage, I suppose the rod's only purpose is to prevent the cage from unwinding prior to installing?

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by bura

Two guys were involved in that project.Thomas and Stefan. Everything is WW pure. But the most remarkable point for me is the "making" of new carbon springs. Congrats.
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by xnavalav8r


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I suspect the bar is just to hold the springs in place so it doesn't explode everywhere.
If it really was meant to be there it would :
A- stop the jockey wheel rotating
B- might create a bit of clearance problem with the top sprocket / chain and frame
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by ave

The backplate originally has a function, I'd think, no?
What keeps the chain on the upper pulley? Just those shallow teeth?

by Weenie

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by kgt

That is real tuning! A piece of art.

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