FONDRIEST ""Jerk"" Question

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by Erez_Pinarello

anyone knows some information about this factory?
are they still working or closed??

by Weenie

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by zakeen

This one?

Nope dont know nothing, sorry.

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by divve

They're still around but rumor has it that they're in some sort of trouble.

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by C a s r a n

Indeed they are facing hughe delivery problems. Fondriest sponsored riders got their bikes very late in the season (starting the 2006 season on other bikes), and some might still wait for their bike. :?

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by nexusheli

I was told they've officially filed for bankruptcy. Whether that means they're going to be disolved or if they're trying to recover is yet to be determined, I'm not familiar with how bankruptcy works in other countries.
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by Weenie

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by guerciottiman

I hadn't realised Fondriest were in trouble - I'm a great admirer of some of their top end frames. Could also explain why their www. site is no longer active.

Hmmmm, maybe we'll be able to pick up some of their frames on the cheap soon? :wink:

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