Campy Super Record EPS with Specialized S-Works Frame

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by cberga

I would like to confirm whether Campy Super Record EPS can be used on a 2015 Specialized S-Works frame. According to Specialized, you cannot because the Campy cables are too thick to fit through the S-Works' frame cable openings. If it is "done", they claim that will void the warranty. Other mechanics/shops I have asked have said that it can be "done" but it would require some drilling to get access to the charging unit.

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by derailer

It sounds like you have your answer. It can be done but will void the warranty. What is your question?

by Weenie

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by Pottsy

Which frame? It can be done on the Tarmac. Without drilling into the frame.

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by bontie


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by cberga

Yes, it would be on a Tarmac frame.

And, although it sounds like I have the answer, I wanted some more feedback from others to confirm if, in fact, what Specialized is saying is accurate. "Corporate's" view of the world is a little different than what actually can be/is done. Thanks.

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by ultimobici

bontie wrote:Astana?

Rarely ever on anything but mechanical.

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by fuzzydunlop

Have the cable openings changed since the SL4? I'm running SR EPS on that with the stock holes, no problem

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by mikey168

My '12 S-works Venge is undergoing an EPS Conversion (albeit a V1)

It is possible but you will need to order a di2 specific grommet cover for the harnesses, NO DRILLING REQD WHATSOEVER

I can post pics if someone can show me how (without hosting it somewhere)

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by apeescape56

I built a new 2015 Tarmac recently that has SR EPS. Only modification was to the carbon plate that covers the cables under the bb. Drilled a hole in that to mount the charging port, but other than that no modification.

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by jcastillo

Hi Apeescape56, I am new to the forum. I am also building a 2015 tarmac s works with super record eps v2. Great to know that the only modification you made was to the carbon plate cover, which is what I as hoping for! So I would assume that the charging port fit through the internal hole that exits in the BB? Thanks

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by ParisCarbon

Rumor is a smaller internal battery and external charging system for 2016, don't know if that will change anything for you... its been awfully quiet on the Campagnolo rumor front for 2016....

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by Andyst1

I built campy record EPS onto a 2015 S-Works Tarmac but the LBS has had to drill into the downtube to open it up a little to allow the plugs to go through. I looked at the 2016 Astana bikes and their cables follow the rear brake cable but I dont know how the cables get past the seatpost??

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by audiophilitis

connector plugs for the EPS cables require a 7.5mm hole (versus 5mm for DI2)...V3 uses the same connectors

by Weenie

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by Delorre

Andyst1 wrote: I looked at the 2016 Astana bikes and their cables follow the rear brake cable but I dont know how the cables get past the seatpost??

They don't :D Cable goes back to the headtube and than into the downtube. Could have done the same with my DI2 specific Addict. Will be the next update to make for an even cleaner cabling.

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