Shimano 9070 internal battery harness

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by Bely

Tried looking for help in current topics, but wondering what I would need to buy if I wanted to upgrade Shimano 9000 to 9070

1) shifters
2) junction box
3) RD
4) FD
5) internal Battery

how about the wires etc?..does it come with the shifters? or one of the above?

also is the internal battery harness frame specific? does that mean if I have a colnago I have to ask colnago for a seatpost battery holder, if a cervelo a specific one?

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by Weenie

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by Neoryan7

You need two different types of junction boxes. The front one that connects the shifters known as the "3 port" junction or front junction and an internal junction to hook up the derailleurs, battery and connect to the 3 port. ... -jc41.html

As for wiring its all separate. shimano sells each in different lengths from 300mm to 1000mm. Your gonna have to measure what size you need based on frame size and need to include any slack that might be needed. Personally, I used some twine and mapped out how much I needed. ... .24.1.html

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by ultimobici

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by eliflap-scalpel

where i can find seatpost internal shims for the battery ?

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by thisisatest

Shimano does not make the shims or other hardware to get the battery into the post. That is up to the manufacturers. Worst case, some dense foam taped or ziptied to the batter will work surprisingly well.
Wires- typical setup is:
1000 for the stem to the bb,
600 to the rear derailleur,
300 to the front derailleur,
600 to the seatpost battery.
Also two 350 wires, one to each STI.
Keep in mind, on the ones inside a frame, if you can't get the exact length you need, go up a size. it's just going to be in the frame anyway.

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