zipp sl short & shallow actual weight?

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by mdeth1313

checked the WW listings (but they don't give claimed or actual), also did a search and found nothing here but also asked an ebay seller who had it come in at 190 in a 42, but on a non-digital scale, which is probably not very accurate. Since zipp claimed 170, I was wondering if anyone here had an actual weight.
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by tommyfe1

My weighed 172gr. 42cm Zipp sl SS (40cm c-c).
sorry no pictures on the scale.

by Weenie

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by kbzoo

I've got two Zipp SL SS bars. The 40cm (c-c) weighs 167g while the 42cm (c-c) weighs 176g.

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by gospastic

My pair came in overweight at 191g, 44 o-o.

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by mdeth1313

gospastic wrote:My pair came in overweight at 191g, 44 o-o.

This is what concerns me. I think I'll have to look into other options.

thanks to everyone for the replies!
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by RyanH

My 40cm (38 c2c) came in at 170g.
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by carlislegeorge

My carbon Contour SL bars in size 46 are actual weight 197 grams....and are for sale :shock:
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by dereksmalls

My contour SL short-shallow came in at 193gm from memory in a 42

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by robertg

My SL short and shallow 44 c-c came in at 181g on my scale. My friend with the same bar came in at 182g.

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by veganeric

My SL SS 42cm are 176g.

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by CarpetFibre

40cm o-o, 175g.

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by Anders

Just received my Zipp SL S&S 42 c-c and it's 188g.

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by drainyoo

My 40cm were 174g and after shortening the ends it came in at 169g.

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by mdeth1313

Since I started the thread I guess I should chime in. I ended up picking up a NOS 40 cm non-SS bar and it came in at 156 or 158g. Other than having to drop to a shorter stem (only 10 mm), I've been quite happy.
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by UpFromOne

My Contour SL 46 (44 c-c) is posted For Sale, it's 190g on the digital.

LOL, hope you got enough answers!

by Weenie

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