Di2 SM-EW90 Junction Box: Flight Deck vs Non-Flight Deck

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by vwo05

I am aware that there are at least two version of the SM-EW90 junction box. One is the SM-EW90-A 3-port version that is not compatible with flight deck (no ant+). And one is the SM-EW90-B 5-port version that is compatible with flight deck (broadcasts ant+). According to what I can find on Shimano, there are only these two versions.

However, I have seen many places online selling the SM-EW90-B 5 port version as NON-Flight Deck. And other places that list SM-EW90-F apparently "F" for flight deck. Are these places just incorrectly labeling these junction boxes or are there really SM-EW90-B 5-port versions that don't have ant+ wireless capability?

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by rmerka

From what I understand Shimano dropped the ANT+ from the 5-port box due to "technical issues" and that was but one of the causes for some of the delays they had getting 9070 to market. They still needed to produce the 5 port for TT bike setups so it's as simple as that, one has 5 and one has 3.

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

And also at the last minute completely cut their flight deck from the program. Shame, really.

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by vwo05

Thanks guys. So I've seen some places that do say Flight Deck. Are these units that somehow made it out with Ant+ before they cut it?

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