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by 12x23

[quote="tranquilo"]Is this believable?

Those hoods remind me of longhorns on the hood of a 70's Cadillac.

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by eric

Those hydraulic brake levers have been seen on sponsored racer's CX bikes. ... ook-35887/

by Weenie

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by sancle1

Brake Hoods are Fugly!

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by Liggero

sram is gonna go hidro in brakes AND electronic in shifting. they already hired quite a few electronic engineers for this. those render images are electronic shifting, not hydro. Jason knows this quite well.
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by elSid

I have not seen this posted yet, apologies if it has - A SRAM 10 speed cassette with a 10t cog on a zipp rim ... _3386.html

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by andreszucs

I vote for Hydraulic disc. On rim goes against the major point of the system....all that braking power felling and the end result is a friction noise and most of the cases with that imperfection surface of the rim?! Try braking a MTB with hydro/'s awesome!!!! It's not less aero either....

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by BmanX

Sorry to say but it is less aero and anyone saying different has not been paying attention as it has been proven to be not as aero. Just ask Cervelo whom has tested this and proven it is not as aero.

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by Dman

I've seen the BMC in question with the new SRAM hydraulic brakes. The rider didn't give much away but the all-black calliper got my attention first with the angle the cable went in. Then a quick look at the hoods and bingo, it was hydraulic.

Apparently it will be an "option" on the next Red group.

The riding was mostly flat but he said they were working very well....

tranquilo wrote:Is this believable?

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by clarkson

I got a peek at all the new sram goodies today. The 11 speed groups look very similar to the 10 speed red shifters/derailleurs. They do indeed have hydraulic rim brakes and disc brakes. Hood shape where you normally rest your hand is very similar to the mechanical, but it does have the big hump for the master cylinder. All mounted on existing Zipp wheels, so I'm guessing it'll use the same-as-shimano 11 speed freehub body.

Brake lever pull is interesting. A bit different than mechanical for sure...

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by TimmS

What about the gears? Also hydraulic?

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by elSid

According to the velonews link, all shifting will be cable actuated:

"The shift system will remain cable actuated, despite rumors of a move to an electronic- or hydraulic-actuated system."

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by elSid

I wonder if the hydraulic rim brake is a stop gap / bet hedge by Sram. This way Sram teams can use the new 11 speed shifters/cassettes/derailleurs with existing wheels until the UCI approves disc brakes for pro road cycling. This also helps explain why the (Sram owned) Zipp disc-compatible wheels still have rims that will accept rim brakes.

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by sigismond0

I think you're exactly right. If Sram didn't make hydraulic rim brakes, they'd have to release two different versions of Red 22--a UCI legal mechanical version and the hydraulic version that the world actually wants. Much easier to just swap brake calipers than it is to change everything about the gruppo.

by Weenie

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