Ceramic BB recommendation for BB86?

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by RedRacer

Currently using a standard Shimano DA BB but want to upgrade to ceramic bearings, ideally with a full sleeve BB that connects the L & R bearings to reduce the likelihood of noise and improve the bearing angle.

C60 frame Is compatible with the standard Pressfit 86.5 (diameter 41mm cups).

The main players appear to be Ceramic Speed ($$$), Wheels MFG, F1 Ceramic, C-Bear, Kogel, and HSC but are there others worth considering? Any I should stay away from?

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by kkibbler

Consider Praxis and Enduro as well. They don't necessarily have the specific BB for your needs but they make the type of BB that you're looking for.

by Weenie

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by cedced74

I have installed a Ceramicspeed BB on my C60 : works flawlessly, no noise, but no full sleeve bb...
Hope that helps,

Have a good ride !

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by rbrtwyn

Of the ones you mentioned I've used ceramic speed and F1 Ceramic with great results. They have both been around for over a decade if that matters. Wheels MFG is good too. Don't forget Enduro and VCRC, both of whom are old school players who have been doing this for a long time. C-Bear has been around for a little while and seems good. The others are newer, so not as much long term reports.

My shop recommends F1 Ceramic (I'm currently using their threaded BB30), Ceramic Speed, Enduro and VCRC.

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by bikerector

I've had good luck with VCRC BB's. I've only tried FSA, Sram, and VCRC ceramic bearings so my experience is limited with ceramic bearings. I run the pressfit BB86 VCRC bearings currently with CX extra seal and it seems to keep a lot of the water out. One of the only bearings left working on my CX bike after a very wet gravel race this spring.

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by ms6073

Although it requires two specialized wrenches, I am thinking the Enduro Torqtite thread-together BB86 bottom bracket will check off all those boxes.
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by mr4fox

i had good luck with a HSC ceramic BB86 BB which i bought from Fairwheelbikes. Rode it for 18 months, including two wet Norwegian winters and its still ok. have cleaned the bearings once in about 15000km. I used carbon assembly paste when i installed it, dunno if its recommended or not It never creaked and weighed much less than many other alternatives. The tube in the middle is not threaded though, so it doesn't screw together like the Enduro torqtight/wheels mgf outboard style bbs.

I have since purchased a wheels manufacturing bb86 outboard (thread together) for a different frame after the dura ace BB that came with it was creaking like crazy from day one...even with carbon assembly paste. this one isnt ceramic and i havent installed it yet so cant really comment on it

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by spookyload

Kogel bearings does a nice one too.

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I recommend ceramic bearings. because very smooth and no noise.

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by reknop

ms6073 wrote:Although it requires two specialized wrenches, I am thinking the Enduro Torqtite thread-together BB86 bottom bracket will check off all those boxes.

Looks like a cool solution, is you wouldn't require a high quality tool-set to remove and install a press-fit bottom bracket. What version do you use specifically?
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by DavidMLee

Ceramicspeed is good one.
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by lannes

Wheels manufacturing is one of the cheapest, they do a nice ceramic bearing screw together bb86 unit.

http://wheelsmfg.com/bottom-brackets/bb ... black.html

however you could consider the angular bearing unit as well, I would have thought an angular bearing would last longer.

http://wheelsmfg.com/bottom-brackets/bb ... black.html

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by muntos

I have a question, does the inner sleeve is required ? Because I saw a couple of BB86 kits that come only with the cups...

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by ms6073

reknop wrote:What version do you use specifically?

Our Scott Solace frames have carbon bottom bracket shell and currently, I have Shimano's 9000 series BB86 bottom brackets, which I installed using Loctite primer and Loctite 609. I have been contemplating the Enduro Torqtite BB for quite some time and will probably switch to that if/when the Shimano BB's go bad, but that may take a while since I no longer race and annual mileage has dropped to half of what is used to be.
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by Weenie

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by ultimobici

Why ceramic? What's the point?
BTW I run SR11 in a BB86 setup as well as regular Record UT in BSA cups. No discernible difference between the two. If pushed I'd say the Record is smoother.

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