Is it okay to wear Retro or out of date Pro Kit?

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by tacos8910

Is it okay to wear old pro kit while riding? EX. like Mapei or MTN?

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by jdecraene85

Wow... erm... nice first post :lol:
I never wear and will never wear any pro kit. To me that looks a little ridiculous, but that is just my personal opinion of course.
I guess that if you decide to wear any pro kit, then it doesn't really matter wether it is up to date or not at all...

by Weenie

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by ghisallo2003

If you used to ride for them.

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by gravity

I say it is OK. Ignore all these snobs. We should encourage ppl to wear team merchandise as a way to support the team financially. That could be one of the avenue to raise fund for the team. Football clubs make million out of sale of their jerseys. Cycling is slowly dying and we the fan still wanna be a snob.

Rules be damned.

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by kgt

Rule 1: Wear whatever you like. Rule 2: Try to look good in it.

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by burglarboycie

Wear whatever you like, fits well and is comfortable I say. I ride a Cannondale and wear a Cannondale Garmin jersey, some people make fun of me for it but I don't care, with Cannondale no longer being in partnership with Garmin it's out of date but it's a great jersey, made by Castelli so the quality is superb. I bought it in an end of season sale so got it for a great price. In fact it made it just about the cheapest way of getting a Castelli jersey!!!

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by BdaGhisallo

It's always ok to wear whatever you want. If you want it, buy and wear it.

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by jeffy

But .... what will other people think !

Resident Pro
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by mike

wear whatever you want that doesn't make you look ridiculous. like an aero time trial helmet on a road bike, for example.

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by Rick

I buy and wear whatever is cheap.
So I get some interesting combinations going: like my vintage Liquigas jersy with AN Post shorts.

Man, those Santini team jerseys were really high quality and last a long time! :beerchug:

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by AJS914

I really like retro jerseys. Go for it.

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by Mr.Gib

I don't much care one way or the other but let the story below be your guide.

Out on a recovery ride a couple of years ago with my wife and another fellow in full Garmin team kit. Join up with another local rider also in Garmin team kit but this guy happened to be an actual member of Team Garmin and a grand tour winner. The non-Garmin fellow suddenly decided he would take a different route. An oddly embarrassing situation.
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by bici1977

As long as you repect the winners jerseys, go for it I'd say. Quite fancy a Brooklyn jersey myself actually =D

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by bungis

I've never understood why it's not ok to wear replica kit when cycling but ok for other sports. At least with cycling your busting your ass and suffering just like the pros.

I see a lot of people in full replica kit where I ride and it looks good imo, better than the dull generic kits off the shelf. Shows you're a fan of the sport enough to have a favorite team too.

Just don't wear the winners jersey like others said (like the TdF yellow or rainbow stripes).

by Weenie

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by sanrensho

I won't wear (don't have) full team kit, but team jerseys are OK with me. If someone is wearing a non-current team jersey, then it usually shows they know something about the sport and have been following it for a bit. Also a good non-current team jersey can be a good conversation starter. Not a fan of generic or plain kit/designs. They're mostly rather...generic.

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