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by svm

Hello guys,

I'm looking for a white carbon seatpost and am considering the Deda superzero. Does anybody know the length of the white graphics on that seatpost?

It looks like about 40% of the length is painted when I measured this image with a ruler on the screen:


Thanks a lot!

by Weenie

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by mr_tim

From cradle to end of white (longer side) its about 155mm. Thats against a measured overall length of 335 to its longer side.

FWIW the white / graphics mark quite easily, so be wary of running the post close to frame.

The superzero is also a porker & over-weight, so not a great ww buy imo.

Perhaps consider the more recent superleggera, the reports on the h/bars suggest they are coming on claimed weights, which is a surprise for deda.

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by svm


Thanks a lot for the info!

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by Lig


I have one and its slightly shorter. If you removed the clamp completely then the actual white paint (from top of carbon post down to the longest part of the white) is around 135mm. What is also interesting is that the image you have posted has a black clamp where as mine has a dark chrome 'titanium' colour clamp?? I really like the post and weight was good. (cant remember exactly - but it wasnt far off the claimed weight). Tim may be right that its not massively WW, but it is a great looking post in a nice matt finish. (any excuse to post a piccie :D ) Cheers Lig.


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