ax-lightness premium 38 vs new bora ultra 35?

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by cwoolee

which is a wheelset better for my colnago c59 between ax-lightness premium 38 vs new bora ultra 35?

by Weenie

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by kgt


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by LEC135

Bora - with Campag groupset

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by sawyer

I'd go Bora of those.

Probably more reliable.

Better hubs.

Prefer the brand.

Doubt the braking surface is better on AX given Boras are known to be as good as it gets on carbon
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by jimborello

I would go Bora, from what I see you re not extremely worried about weight so definitely go for the more reliable , pretty and the better match for your italian bike

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by cwoolee

thanks for your reply.

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by mrgray

and why not bora one. i've never ridden ultra but my bora one's were incredible wheels, came in below weight. can't see you get much for all the extra money with the one's. one's probably cheaper than AX too! if people want to say ultra's are that much better than the one's then fair enough but i doubt it. hub's on bora one's were extremely good as it is.
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by qorwlch

ax p38 wheelset

lightweight and stiff and aero

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by lannes

Bora Ultra for the cup and cone bearings, not many reviews on the stream 38 so still unknown.

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by russianbear

AX doesn't stand behind their products and Boras are better anyway.

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by ianSWBB

Bora Ultra 35 gets my vote :)

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by wheelsONfire

russianbear wrote:AX doesn't stand behind their products and Boras are better anyway.

I beg to differ....

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by junchen

If bora ones is slightly out of budget, one can consider the bullet ultra cult. It's cheaper and has the cult bearings (which is also found in the bora ultra) . Only downside is that the decal is not as nice, and the brake track is alu, and not carbon.

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by Weenie

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by hongsj

Ax p38 is better.

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