10spd to 11spd Ultegra groupset + wheel recommendations!

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by kursed

Hey all, new guy here.
I have a 2011/2 Colnago CX-1 Evo carbon. It currently has an Ultegra 10spd groupset on it. I've just ordered the mechanical 11spd 6800 groupset as the current one is pretty worn out, and I've heard it feels much nicer (plus I want that extra gear!). So the q - how do I check if the free hub will fit? I guess I assumed it would given it's Shimano to Shimano, but I thought it worth checking since a mate said he had some trouble with that previously (grain of salt taken). The current rims are Bontrager RL's if that helps. I'm still learning my way around road bikes mechanically so bear with me if I ask something daft :)

Next q - wheelset recommendations.

I'm 6ft, 75Kgs, budget of up to Aussie $1000. I ride a mix of Sydney's Northshore and city side hills and usual ride routes for training / fun (150 - 250km+ roughly a week) and commute on the bike too. So they need to be decent strength and I'd def like to keep them light for the hill climbs. I'd expect low profile aluminium (or alum/carbon combo) rims are going to be my best bet (as much as I like the look of deeper aero carbons!). I'd like to stay with clincher format, and aluminium braking surface too.

Willing to look at both off the shelf, or custom built (I don't want to build them myself though). I have already spoken to TWE Wheels here is Syd but I didn't really have much of a clue when i spoke to him so I figured I'd try and work out the general specs first.

Where would you suggest I start folks? It's maze out there when you start looking at wheelsets!!! Thanks in advance.

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Remove your current cassette from the freehub. Are there 1mm and 1.85mm spacers behind it ? If not then you will need to source an 11 speed freehub for your rear hub make and model (if its available). or if not, you will need to purchase a new 11 speed compatible wheelset.

Unfortunately you cannot just put an 11 speed cassette onto a 10 speed freehub. the 11 speed cassette is wider and wont fit.

If there are both spacers behind your current cassette then an 11 speed cassette may fit.

Also Shimano do not offer any 11 speed freehub's for their 10 speed wheels either. They are forcing people to buy to new wheels.

What rear hub do you have ?

Edit: there is a workaround. But it isn't cheap. Edco Wheels offer an 11 speed cassette that is machined for 10 speed freehubs.
http://www.edco-wheels.co.uk/product/mo ... cassettes/
If you buy the ''TEN+ELEVEN'' Locknut

There is also another workaround here which involves removing a cog

by Weenie

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by ALAN Carbon+

Worth having a look at campag zondas/fulcrum racing 3 they won't completely blow your budget but are light enough and reasonably robust for the the type of riding you describe. Pretty solid wheels for the money. If you like the look of a carbon/alloy wheel have a look at Shimano c35s they seem to be available a reasonable prices now in Australia.

Otherwise handbuilts using h plus son archetype or pacenti sl23 rims would be a good start, but this is a conversation best had with the wheel builder.

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by nickl

Shimano C24 or C35 are probably the default choice and you have to work pretty hard to beat them (A$981 at Merlin at the moment for the C24s). You can save some money and get the RS81 versions if you want to save some money.

Fulcrum Racing 1's are around your price range online, too ($1042 at Torpedo7).

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by kursed

I had a chat with Adam at craftworx and he's building me some of the speed aero wheels. Should look nice and work will with the new groupset!

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