Tubeless Sealant....What's your story.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Frankie13

I have used Stan's on road tubulars a couple of times and it always did its job and kept me riding the same tires for the rest of the tire life and thousands of miles.

by Weenie

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by hotshod

Been looking at the various replys and it appears that if you want to extend the refill period and still have good protection that a mix of something and Stans is the go..... be it Bonty SJ or Slime Pro or "something".

On the weekend I went into LBS that is the TREK/Bonty dealer and he doesn't stock SJ. In fact he bagged it and said it was Stans rebadged, .... now you and I know that's not right. Same shop said as of next week he would have Joe's Sealant, but not the Road Race version. ( that is supposed to be good for higher pressures ).

So I'm wondering if there is any support out there for Joe's Sealant products......

Whatever I decide on I will probably still mix it with some of Stan's as I have had a great run with it so far ....... 10,450k without a problem or puncture.

Cheers from OZ
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by Getter

Bumping an old thread.

Anybody have their Stan's fluid turn into a clear yellowish fluid? My GF's tire got a puncture last week and thats what the tire was spraying out. All of it sprayed out and the tire did not seal. I added some fresh Stan's and the tire eventually sealed.

Seems like the fluid and the sealing particles separated? Is this preventable? This was on a mountain bike running a Specialized Fast Trak Control tire.

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by FIJIGabe

Yeah, sealant will dry up over time. Stans recommends refilling the tires every 3 months to keep the brew fresh. Personally, I like a homebrew sealant mix I use (2/1 Stans-to-Slime) on my road bikes. Straight Stans is fine on mountain bikes, because of the lower pressures, but road bikes need more material suspended in the solution. In my experience, with this brew, I can maintain 65psi, unless it's a LARGE cut, in which case, all bets are off.
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