Hey Guys, thought I'd pop in

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
big fellow
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by big fellow

take care of yourself mate, hope things get back to normal soon

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by Luc

Welcome back, SL, and cheer up !

Always the sun after the rain....

Pollice verso.

by Weenie

in the industry
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by RTW

SL, the bad times allow you to really value the good times. Just do what you can, when you can, and if you haven't been riding recently, ditch the bike computer and ride new roads. Just enjoy it.

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by jimmer23

Welcome back SuperLite! :o

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by bladteth

cyclemanpat wrote:SL......girls aren't worth it, get it straight.............BIKES and RIDIN FIRST!
some good online porn will replace the girl! lol

When you grow up, you'll have the leave parents house some day and then... ;-)
Best regards,
Rado bladteth Rzeznicki

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by keithster

have to agree, biking helps cure depression, had a buddy die tragically at work this year, if it wasn't for my bike I'd a gone nuts.

the bike gives you a challenge to ride farther and faster. hope you're ok
Jack of all trades, master of none.

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by kAb

Welcome back SL, get some riding in for your woes. Being in the saddle for a couple hours is good for the mind. Puts me in a state of mind deprevation and i forget about everything.

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by stevecampag

Hey SL! Good to see you back in here! :D

Hope things start to go a bit better for you soon! I've had probs in the past and getting out on your bike really does help think you straight! ...... and it can be any bike! It doesn't have to be a 12lb dream machine!

Remember mate, look after number one first and foremost; but try not to hurt anyone else too!

Look forward to your informative posts again (even if you did diss my Nano Elite rims!)

All the best :wink:
Second is losing!!

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