Road bike front brake shuddering

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by Endoism

wassertreter wrote:Agreed regarding the AC420s, but there are lots of interesting (wider) alternatives these days.

Like HED H2s and A23s?

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by Endoism

**situation update**
I swapped out the Kool Stopblack brake pads and used Salmon ones - the difference it made to the br are pulsing was very noticeable! While the pulsing hasn't been eradicated entirely, it has gone a long way in muting the symptoms. It's the best $10 I've spent on my bike for a long while!

Thanks again to all that replied with advice and helpful suggestions - it's all very much appreciated and had perhaps saved me the cost of rebuilding my front wheel or getting a sexy sexy ENVE carbon fork :lol:

by Weenie

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by Endoism

nathanong87 wrote:u tried ur wife's wheel on ur bike

try your wheel on her bike

wow, sorry for the thread grave dig.

I did try the wheel on my wife's Trek carbon fork with alu steerer) and it still does shudder, but a lot less.

I've also tried a Dura Ace C24 wheel and that brakes perfectly... Looks like it's totally the rim's fault..

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by kman

Not sure if this was suggested if not but have you tried adding some (or increasing) toe-in on the brake pads?
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by Rick

Endoism wrote:**situation update**
.... the pulsing hasn't been eradicated entirely,....

Headset preload.

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