Opinions wanted - Green or Gold for my Principia RSL rebuild

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Gold or Green for my Principia RSL re-build?

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by sleepystarz

Hi :) Very long time since I've posted here. Just wanted to ask everyone's opinion of whether to go with GOLD or LIME-GREEN Tune components for my RSL rebuild? The bar tape color will be changed to black or brown to match the Tune Komm-Vor+ saddle in brown that I have coming.

BTW this frame is a 2004 when they were still handmade in Denmark. The bike is so stiff that I recently bought a Syntace hi-flex seatpost to help with how rigid it is.

I'm getting Tune crankset, seatpost clamp, headset, chainring/bottle bolts etc, and skewers.

Any input is appreciated, thanks :)

Forgot to mention - weight is at 15.2 lbs right now. Only carbon bits on it are the forks that came with the frame, saddle, and campy levers. My estimate is low 14 lbs after the new parts (including Syntace seatpost as well, cut). Current Tune seatpost is un-cut.
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by Stolichnaya

I have to be honest here: neither color.
Gold will look cheap and lime green will look like an afterthought.
You have an excellent frame there; so why distract from it?
Tuning with silver or black parts, with a preference for silver, would be timeless.
That, black bar tape and some white hoods and you are good to go.

by Weenie

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by racingcondor

Deep blue. Match the pedals.

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by kode54

match the new saddle coming in. as far as the Tune parts...either black or white. simple.
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by Weenie

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by sleepystarz

Thanks everyone :D

I've been considering it might look a little too flashy with either color. The frame, Syntace 99 stem with 26.0 bars etc are pretty classic.

I'd really like to use brown bar tape as well as the Tune Komm-Vor+ saddle in brown (already knowing it is more comfy for me than my speedneedle).

I might find some other cranks instead or go with Tune in black color, I need a new set either way. Thought about carbon cranks but so much of the bike is aluminum and still pretty light...I'd like to keep it that way.
96 Trek 2100
04 Principia RSL in the works

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