Fuji Altamira SL vs Scott Foil 10/15

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by 113245

Up until a couple days ago I was rather set on buying a Fuji Altamira SL frameset,
but I just realized that my sponsor LBS is a Scott dealer and the Foil is an option.
Hoping to get some people's inputs on this. I've heard the Scott is a rather harsh
ride, whereas the Altamira seems to be a smoother ride. I'd love to try them
both but I ride a small size (~51 top tube) and none of the LBSs have my size
in stock. Also curious about the difference between the HMX/HMF of the Foil
10/15. The Foil frame walls seem really thin to me and... I dunno. makes me
a little nervous I guess :lol:

So, thoughts?

by Weenie

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by Grill

The Difference between the HMF and HMX frames is weight. Stiffness was designed to be the same, the HMX is simply thinner and thus 100g lighter per frameset. Interestingly my the LBS where I bought my Foil told me that there is only about a 60g difference between the Foil 20 (HMF matte) and the painted HMX frames.

Ride comfort is a personal thing, but I find it incredibly comfy. It's stiff (and the front end of mine is much stiffer than stock) but I find it's quite compliant. I did a 12 hour TT on it with no problems and I've also done a couple of 200k audaxes, as well as 4 other century rides on it since I picked it up in August. This year I'll be doing several 400k and 600k Audaxes, the LEL, and 2x 24hr TTs on it and don't expect to have any issues. If you're that worried about comfort then either get a CR1 or pop on some 25c tires.

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by 113245

12 hour TT :shock: Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to go with the Foil if everything works out.

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