Best hub geometry for Campagnolo?

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by teleguy57

Wondering which of these hubs would be better for Campagnolo in terms of dimensions and final wheel quality (feel free to correct the dimensions if I've gotten them wrong!):

White Industries T11 Novatec 482SB
Center to Flange Left 38.0 39.0
Center to Flange Right 16.0 18.0
Flange Diameter L 40.5 41.0
Flange Diameter R 55.0 49.0

What criteria might you used to decide between the two for a 28 spoke rear 50mm carbon tubular?

(Sorry, meant to post this in the wheelbuilding thread but it ended up as a separate thread)

by Weenie

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by madcow

I would guess that your numbers are not correct, there are not many rear hubs which can do 18mm on the drive side center to flange for Campag. It looks like you're comparing White Industries 11 speed numbers to Shimano 10 speed numbers in which case the Shimano 10 speed numbers will always win.

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by teleguy57

Madcow; that's why I was curious about whether the dimensions were correct.

The one source I found listed the Novatec as 38/19 for Shimano and 39/18 for Campy and while that makes sense that Campy spacing would be slightly less favorable than Shimano 10, the Campy l/r ratio seemed quite a bit more favorable than the White Ind l/r ratio if the dimensions are correct. I don't know if the larger WI right flange (55 vs 49 for Novatec) makes much difference there.

Anyone else on whether the Novatec Campy dimensions are correct, and opinions on the two rear hubs? Thanks!

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by Mackers

I measured the Novatec at 18mm for Shimano, and 17mm for Campagnolo.
They probanbly measured from outer side of flange to center, instead of center of flange.

If your frame doesn't have super tight tolerances you can swap the Campy left end cap out for a Shimano, and reclaim .5mm. You'll end up with 131 OLN, like the Alchemy hub.

I've always liked WI, but I don't much like the new hub dimensions.

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