Building a single speed out of a road frame

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by MNX1024

I'm trying to build a single speed out of a road frame that I have lying around. As a weight weenie, obviously I'm going to try to build it as light as possible. Here's the catch, I have absolutely no idea about parts from the single speed and fix gear world, and what is compatible or not. So, I would need some recommendations on parts and answers to some questions. Suggestions outside of my questions are more than welcome!

Before we begin, let me briefly list the parts I already have:

    2011 Defy Advanced frame set (uses BB86)
    Soul S2.0 Wheelset
    Planet X KCNC Brakes
    Easton EC90 TKO Handlebars
    WCS 4-AXIS Stem

What I still need are:

    Brake Lever

Obviously the first question is, for the parts I still need, what are my lightest options? Concerning the crank, I'm adamant on getting one that uses only one chainring.

Is it necessary to even get an tensioner? If I can get away without one, I'd prefer not to use one so I may keep the weight down.

Concerning the stock rear derailleur hangar, in the case I do not need a tensioner, I would like to get rid of it. Where can I get a plate that will fill in the hole at the drop out?

Headset bearing cover, where can I get one with the least amount of stack height possible because I plan on slamming my stem.
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by Raineman

If you don't want to run a chain tensioner then you would have to look for an eccentric bottom bracket. I don't know of any in BB86 but you might be able to use a converter and then a threaded eccentric bottom bracket, I'm not sure if it would be lighter than a tensioner but it would certainly look better :D .

As for the rest of the drivetrain, I would look for 1/8 chain/sprocket as there are more options so you can probably find a lighter option than looking at 3/32.

by Weenie

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by kulivontot

This is so 2007

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by dogg

measure your chainstay length then go use google and figure out which ratios you'll be able to run without a tensioner.

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by MNX1024

Thanks for all those that gave some suggestions. Looks like I won't be able to get away from the tensioner with the gear ratio I want....... At least I don't have to worry about replacing the rear derailleur hanger.

Anyway, any suggestions on some light weight parts, such as cranks and chains?

Which part decides the type of chain I should be getting, the cog or chainrings?

Out of curiosity, does 10/11 speed chainwork with single speed cranks?

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by kode54

another solution is to run a White Industries eccentric hub... ... speed.aspx?

others have mentioned an eccentric bottom bracket, like the Bushnell one.

hope that helps.
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by mattyNor

Do not run a fixed gear with a chain tensioner it's simply not safe. 3/32 chains (10/11 sp) will work as long as you buy the right chainring/cog but 1/8 set ups last significantly longer. The whiteindustries hub is your best option because it also gets closer to a proper chainline.

by Weenie

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by russianbear

Those WI hubs are the cleanest solution imo.

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