Oh dear, I've got that itch... Simplon for Look?

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by Johnnysmooth

Have moved to Vienna for the year and brought my 7yr old (or is it 8?) Look 595 with me. Great bike that has treated me oh so well over the years. Really no complaints. Yes, she has seen some wear and tear that can be expected if you race, but she still rides great.

Problem is, I went out with local club here in Vienna and saw a couple of Simplons. What a sweet bike and a bike I have never seen in the states, where I'll head back to in a year.

So now I'm thinking, hmm, maybe trade in the Look for a Simplon, either Pavo or the Nexio.

Having only seen the Simplon bikes, was looking to the collective experience and wisdom of the WW crowd. Anyone ride both Looks and Simplons? What are the ride characteristics (e.g. climbing, cornering, jumping out of the saddle?) I do like the Look's quick handling (one of the reasons I sold my Colnago).

Any and all feedback most appreciated.

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by Weenie

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by oreoboreo

When I get the itch my wife tells me to put some anti itch cream on it. A true cyclist should always be looking for their next bike I say. Sorry no help here, however I understand the itch... have fun.
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by jimborello

jaja I agree with oreoboreo, I cant stay for more than a week without looking for something new to buy, so if you have that itch just go for it, I ve read simplon bikes are pretty cool. BTW Im not married and I have no kids so life is a bit easier for me ja.

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