DA 7900 compatible brakes

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by HillRPete

Can we get a thread going to list DA 7900 pull ratio compatible brakes, preferably with weights?

BR-7900 are the obvious ones, spec'd at 294g
TRP R979s are claimed to be 250g / 260g (SL vs EQ versions)

What else is available?

by Weenie

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by yourdaguy

The ratio is not that much different that it really matters unless you have really small or weak hands.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by antifocus

M5 brakes and eebrakes IIRC

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by mrfish

IMHO if you're riding aluminium rims or on the flat then it's a bit theoretical to bother about this stuff.

But if you're riding up and down the Stelvio then it's better just to stick with the DAs, since they will save you much more time on the way down than they cost on the way up.

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by Feex

Zero G

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by coppercook62

THM Fibulia

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by HillRPete

Apparently the TRP R879 is also DA-7900 compatible (139g / caliper).

http://www.trpbrakes.com/category.php?p ... &catid=183

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by CTracer

Revl by the Hive. 115 per wheel. Braking is on par or better than DA7900. One downside is that they may not be ideal with very wide rims although I have seen people using them with the newer Enve wheelsets.

by Weenie

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