Lightweights - True?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by konky

Geoff you say 'amoung your favourites'. Which other wheels are favourite. Aren't Lightweight the ultimate wheel when it comes to weight to stiffness ratio and road feel?

by Weenie

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by Tumppi

My Gen2 LW:s has always been out of true a bit. It seems that opposite side spokes on wheel pull the rim out of true causing terrible "pulsing" type braking in slow speed. (less than 30km/h) So rimsurface isn't true on my LW:s. When braking down at ~50km/h speed there is no problem at all. That's why driving down the mountains where serpentine corners are tight is really annoying and normally that is why I use my Hyperons instead of LW:s.

So are LW:s value of the price? NO.
Are they SEXiest wheels on the market? YES. (still missing my bora ultras...)

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by CarpetFibre

My Gen I Obermayers are really not noticeably out of true. Am I really the only one with a true pair of Lightweights?

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by Geoff

@konky, I know that there isn't much love for Cees Beers on this site, but his ADA wheels are really exceptional. Mine have a Kevlar braking surface, which is excellent, and are perfectly true. The design of the freehub is ingenious.

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by J-Nice

Geoff, did you recently purchase your ADA wheels?

I ask because ADA has absolutely no presence whatsoever, either in the pro circuit or the enthusiast market.

Kind of makes me wonder how Cees Beers stays in business... :noidea:
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by Geoff

Nope. I had my ADA's before I had LW's. Cees is not really 'in the market' at all right now. In fact, if you call him, I don't think he will even make you a set. I believe he is really a consultant to industry and making the wheels was almost a hobby for him.

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by mike

the tolerance standard that lightweight used when the "old" boss was there was 0.5 mm. if lightweight still uses that standard, then you can send them back for retruing (which is a secret process).

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by HammerTime2

16 hours ago on p. 1 of this thread, HammerTime2 wrote: wrote:How large may the lateral run-out on my Lightweight wheel be?
For the models Standard, Ventoux, Obermayer and Disc the tolerance is 0.4 mm.
For the models Standard C and VR8 the tolerance is 0.5 mm.

How large may the radial run-out on my Lightweight wheel be?
A tolerance of 0.5 mm applies to all wheel models.

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by gilesharrison

I've had two sets of LW Standards; one set of Gen 2s, one set of Gen 3s. I may just have been lucky but all my wheels have been 'true'. Certainly within 0.5mm of lateral deviation.

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by alibongo

I was a bit disapointed with my gen3 LW, that being a little bit out was on your mind each time you road them. When it did get worse it was because it had delaminated. Service from carbonsport was fast to repair (about 280 euro).

Anyway the stress was removed with hitting a pot hole in a race wrecked them both.
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by munk93

The pair I use, is almost true. Or frontwheel is, and rearwheel goes something like 0,5 mm. It's Standard Gen.3

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