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 Post subject: Yet another EPS vs DI2
PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:17 am 

Joined: Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:26 am
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Yes, it is yet another Campy EPS vs Shimano DI2.

A few years back, I’ve started switching to DI2. 7970 was very nice. Then 9070 came around. It is very very smooth. So smooth that, sometimes, I do not know if I changed how many gears on the rear. There really is not feedback on the shifters. So, about four weeks ago I took my last mechanical shift frame (Storck Fascenario 0.7) to Calfee to get it converted to Super Record EPS V2. I heard it has better mechanical like feedback on the shifts (and truthfully I needed a new toy :D )

Below is my experience comparing the converted Fascenario EPS to the Fanomalist DI2 (I already had this.) I hope it is not offensive to anybody (and no I am not looking for a “which one is better” war :( ).

Frame Conversion to EPS:
I am impressed with Calfee’s work. Expensive but the paint work is excellent. BTW, I got a tour of the shop for over an hour (thanks Craig). Two words for you: Bamboo and Manta. ‘Nuf said…

If you think DI2 is difficult to install, try putting the Campy battery in the seat tube, screw it behind the bottle cage holes, fish the wires connected to the battery from seat tube/chainstay/down tube…
BTW, DI2 battery goes into the setpost. EPS is screwed to the seat tube (more difficult for me.) This reminds me NASA designing a new pen that can write in the space. The story says Russians just gave pencils to their cosmonauts :D That is; EPS’s settube has been, IMO, over designed, difficult to install.
As a side note, EPS requires larger holes. Just because your frame is “electronic compatible” doesn’t mean it is EPS’able. Just make sure…

Set up:
Setting up front derailleur for EPS is definitely simpler then setting up DI2. Just adjust the low and you are done. The rear, well, they are a little different, but adjusting the rear for both is simple.

Yes, ergonomics is a personal preference. So I am not going into the details but what I don’t understand is why the brake lever reach is not adjustable for Campy. I have small hands and levers are way too far. There goes my days of breaking with one finger only. With DI2, it is adjustable through a small screw. Simple! Major turn off #1 for Campy.

With DI2, I sometimes have to look at the gears or the Garmin to see if I’ve changed the gears. With EPS, there is definitely a nice “click” when I shift the gear. Good for you Campy. Also, shifter locations for Campy are separate from each other (a pedal under the break lever and a thumb lever.) No more wrong shift with thick gloves. DI2 9000 shifters are bigger than 7970 but still small and close to each other.
With both EPS and DI2, front derailleur gear changes are flawless. The rear is a little different, though. Shifting under little power is perfect for both EPS and DI2. Shifting under power (pedaling off the seat on your legs) is also very similar. Under moderate power, Campy shifts smoother IMHO. Just a bit but it is better.

Campy, none.
DI2 shines here big time. I have shifters on the handle bar, on the drops, on the break levers. I can reassign what each button/lever does. It is integrated with Garmin (I can see battery level, what gear I am at, can change display through the buttons on top of the hoods, etc etc) I can’t believe Campy doesn’t have any configurability like the DI2 does. Major turn off #2.

Verdict (for me and only me!):
Given the price of the EPS and its configurability choices, I think I am going to keep sticking to DI2 for most of my bikes. I’ll keep this one but that’ll be the only one.

 Post subject: Yet another EPS vs DI2
Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:17 am 

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