King or Tune?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by madcow


Personally I don't think you can wrong either way, you just have to decide how important the weight factor is.

Cheers! wrote:
My vote is go with carbon clinchers. Then run Michelin Latex

We typically recommend not using latex or eclipse style tubes in carbon clinchers as heat can sometimes cause punctures.

by Weenie

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by TOflat

Just make sure you're able to easily service whatever you buy, I've found that to be a pain these days.

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by milroy

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't mean for this to become (yet another) debate on clinchers vs singles.
However, for the record, these will be on 3.4 clinchers. Not saying they are better that tubs - just for me they are more practical - and I'm not shy of fixing my own gear.
Furthermore I have used ENVE 45 clinchers in Sydney for at least 2 years without problem.

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by sugarkane

milroy wrote:Furthermore I have used ENVE 45 clinchers in Sydney for at least 2 years without problem.

Where in Sydney do you ride? I have only met one WW member in Sydney so far

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by nspace

I haven't run Tune hubs before, but have a fair bit of experience with Kings. I love my R45's. Engagement is great and they spin very smooth. Warranty is awesome, and at least where I live, there is a much better support network via dealers for King stuff than Tune (since I can't yet afford the King tools).

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