Bont Vaypor shoes - help needed with size/width designation

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by jano


Recently I bought a pair of Bont Vaypors from an online shop and I have a question regarding the sizing and width option designation.

I had ordered a pair in Size 41 with Wide option and I received a pair that says SIZE - 41, no mention of them being the Wide option anywhere on the shoes or on the packaging.
A short search on google shows that the narrow option should have a designation like SIZE - xxN and teh wide should be SIZE - xxW,
I have asked the shop and they claim that not every 2012 model of the Bont Vaypor wide shoe has been designated as such.
To be honest I can not see how the shop knows that they've sent me a pair of wide option shoes if there is no mention of it anywhere on shoes or packaging and this feels like they are screwing me over in this case.

Your opinion and help is highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

PS: I have emailed Bont to ask them but no answer to date. :|

by Weenie

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by JensW

my first bont vaypor wide didnt have any sign in its name about it, but mailed bont about it and included the serial number and they comfirmed that it is the wide model. so try to send a mail to bont

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by jano

Hi Jens, thanks for the tip.
I am now waiting for Bont's reply.

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