Flexible brake cable housing

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by Dalai

I am after suggestions for flexible brake housing. Performance isn't too critical, as it is for my TT bike and using a Shimano AX brake...

Currently fitted to the back of my alloy Cervelo P3 is a Simkin Egg brake, but the machined out back of the arms really stick out from the narrow seat stays. So I just bought a Shimano AX centrepull brake to try.

I fitted it last night to check out tolerances and noted the cable holder is very close to the vertical section of the seat tube, with very little room to fit the cable. Only way I think a cable may fit is if I use a very flexible cable housing from the top tube to the brake...

by Weenie

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by bricky21

Both Campagnolo and Sram Brake housing is pretty flexible. Also here in the US we can get Navaro which is made by Jagwire, and the brake housing is also pretty flexible.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Please try Nokon or Alligator housings.
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by Kabush

Use Nokon

but standard brake cables or Jagwire L3 is so flexible and is possible used for inner cables on your Cervelo

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by sungod

nokon is very flexy in comparison to standard brake outer

but the standard nokon liner is not so good, instead use the powercordz liner (works fine with steel cables)...


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by Dalai

I appreciate all the suggestions.

I should have a short section of Campagnolo outer in the shed that I will try first. If still not flexible enough I will try the Nokons...

by Weenie

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