Ideas on aero stems for non intergratred TT bikes

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by cajer

sleepingmenace wrote:I'm actually finishing the design for a aero stem for use with 3T Brezza bars. The front cap preserves the leading wing edge of the bars right across the face of the stem, with an aero shape flowing back to the steerer clamp which then has a tail.
I've been refining this in the FEA and CFD software I use here.. finding that rather elusive sweetspot between the best in aerodynamics and the stiffness/weight I'm looking to maintain.
I've kept the cap bolt pattern the same as existing 3T stems such that it could be used with them, but there's to be a much more significant aero advantage to using the whole stem.

I'll be cutting moulds to make it from carbon fibre within a couple of weeks and will post pics of the prototype.

Stay tuned :)

Did this ever get built?

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by Weenie

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