Big Thanks to LW and update on Standard C v Meilenstein C

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by Lig

Hi all,

So I sent a ‘damaged’ wheel back to Lightweight for repair which was out of warranty, and received a brand new wheel as a ‘Good will gesture’! Very very happy with this and what great customer service. I know I will continue to buy LW wheels now as I was debating on switching brands.. but to be honest I don’t think anything comes close performance wise… ‘open debate’ :lol:

So the damaged wheel was a 2 year old Standard C, and the new wheel was the new Meilenstein C, the only real visible difference is the braking surface is more of a matt finish on the new wheel.

I have put around 300 dry miles on it and the braking is superb, much better than the old. There is zero juddering and very very smooth operation, in fact just like an alloy rim.

Now I am not saying that the old wheel was bad, but in comparison I can tell the difference. It has even made me think about changing the front wheel, but that would be crazy?!

I did many miles on the old wheel and lots of descents (including 50mph Mont Ventoux), with no problems at all, it is just that the new wheel feels better and it was always in the back of my mind to make sure I feathered the braking to prevent overheating and a blow out. But now as the new wheel is twice as strong and dissipates heat better it gives me much more confidence (obviously still feathering as standard).

Thanks again to LW customer support and service department and if you have the money and are debating buying these wheels, then my advice is do it with confidence. The wheels are superb and the back up service from LW has been excellent.


by Weenie

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by bruno2000

What was the damage at your 'old' wheel?
Did you get the new for free?
Any weightdifference?
Just want to know as there is ever happening something to mine.

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by Lig

Hi Bruno,

The initial damage was brake track delamination - this was repaired and I had to pay return postage of 70euro.

The second time, the wheel wall seemed to have failed, either through braking over time or from going over cattle grids. I didnt have a blow out but did travel over some cattle grids, but nothing unusual. I dont know if LW had had issues with the braking surfaces on the older model wheels? I can only thank them for the exceptional customer service as the damage report just stated - Wheel damaged irrepairable, Good will gesture - replacement wheel. I did have to wait for 4 weeks and then again have to pay the 70euro return postage but very happy with this.

The new wheel was actually lighter - I think this was because I bought a 240 Campy freehub, where as this one came with the correct 190 freehub??


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by Lafolie

They are lovely people - Bravo Carbon Sports! :-)

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