damaged Keo look blade pedal - Advice strongly needed!!

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by incognitus

ecous wrote:(...) in any case, I have been riding with them for now and nothing seems to have worsen or been affected. Not sure if its because of stubbornness or simple denial for 200$ down the drain.

If you continue riding with them, chances are that (usually at some unexpected moment) the crack with open up, the collar will fail to hold the body to the spindle, and you will have a spindle sticking out of your calf. That will cost you more than a new pair of Keo Blades, just for the stitching. Just sayin... :smartass:

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by todayilearned

As someone who works in the ICU and has seen 4 major bike related injuries in the past month I advise you not to ride on those pedals.
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by Weenie

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by Zachariah

Stop standing on your pedals. I'm afraid those are now trash... Go back to Look Keo Max...the Keo Blades were the worst "experiment" in cycling minimalization.
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by ecous

Ok, I will most definitely take the last 4 posts to heart, and stop having it my way. I'll send the pedals for repair (or attempt), and look elsewhere, for ex the max..


si w
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by si w

Good call - understand the reluctance - always tempting to ignore stuff like like that but it's not going to get better only worse - you'll need to buy new pedals when they break even more - better to spend the cash early - normally stuff like this will fails either non spectacularly - normally when your in the break in a really big race or spectacularly - normally when sprinting for the cafe - either way you kick yourself!!

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by elSid

Just piling on...

A riding partner who was too rotund for ti spindles managed to snap his left pedal while climbing out of the saddle a few months ago, and jammed his locked leg into the pavement. Now looking at surgery to repair damaged acetabular labrum.

Point being that if your cracked pedal is going to fail, it'll probably happen quickly and without additional warning (e.g. bending). Don't use them.

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