New Madone for the Tour?

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by Guymk

In this video the head mechanic for radioshack nissan trek says that there will be a new frame for the tour. So does that mean a new Madone? Or by saying that did he mean that all the riders get a "fresh" bike, but the same as what they have been riding?

The comment is around 2:50 if you want to skip ahead. ... AAAAAAAAAA

If it is a new madone, i am betting it will be an aero frame with tube shapes similar to the speed concept.

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by clarkson

I heard unsubstantiated rumors that there was going to be a new lighter madone out in time for the tour.

by Weenie

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by Ghost234

I interpreted it as they are getting new replacement frames for the tour. I don't really expect Trek to launch another major bike within this year, as much as the Madone is due for an upgrade.

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by Fisherfreerider

There will be a new bike either for ATOC or the Tour. It will be a semi aero bike. Thats all the details I am aware of at this point.

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by ultimobici

Ghost234 wrote:I interpreted it as they are getting new replacement frames for the tour. I don't really expect Trek to launch another major bike within this year, as much as the Madone is due for an upgrade.

Just what I thought. It's common practice for riders to get a fresh frame for the Tour on many teams.

Phill P
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by Phill P

correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems trek tweak the madone nearly every year.

That said they have just released the domain (spelling??), and an aero bike would be more valuable to market than another slightly "better" madone.

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by boots2000

Anyone know anymore? Is there a new Madone in store for 2013?

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by 2002SaecoReplica

Yes, there is a new Madone coming.
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by VNTech

Go check the UCI's approved frames list.

If they have it hear at the Dauphine, I'll grab some photos.
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by euan

They have the 7 at the Dauphine/ ... 56/photo/1 ... 60/photo/1

Uses the Shimano 9000 direct mount brake. Kamm tube shapes as well. Trek goes "aero"
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by NealH

What is the advantage of the direct mounted brake below the BB? Is it just for aero properties?

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by mjduct

I found where Cancellara hides his motor right behind the BB!!!!!!!


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by djwalker

What a horrible place to put the brake- directly in the path of all the garbage kicked up by the front wheel. This would really suck in bad weather. And accessibility for maintenance is horrible.

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by Frankie - B

Here is the side shot:

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by hna

Can't seem to think of any practical reason for having the rear brake under the BB on a road bike. Perhaps on a time trial bike, but not a road bike.

by Weenie

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