Time Ulteam Translink Front Forks have changed colour

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by walkercycling


Has anyone had similiar issues with the front forks, I and a friend both brought new at similiar times and both have turned to a yellow ish colour. See attached photo. If you see above the forks I have placed a cable protector which is a similiar colour of my forks to help see how bad it looks against the white frame. The rest of the frame is as purchased - near perfect condition with no colour change. This frame is my race frame, so gets limited use.

I raised the issue to both the OZ distributor who recently had the frame after the front derailuer bracket failed and the bike shop and both have said it comes under normal wear and tear. I then asked if I arranged for the forks to be repainted locally they said I would void my warranty.

Do I have a case of stating poor workmanship?? its a $7500 AUD frame...I would add that I ended up choosing this frame because at the time (4years ago) Time was one of the few companies offering lifetime warranties.

What do others think?
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by Weenie

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by elviento

It's hard to see in the small pic but I'd say the warranty policy probably had some language that covers paint. People rarely guarantee paint after 4 years though as a matter of industry practice. That said, at least they should be able to point you to a painter that won't void their warranty.

It's not like there is any magic/secret to their fork. The painter just need to make sure not to sand below the clear coat into the carbon.
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by walkercycling

Thanks for reply.

I am assuming that because the front forks have changed colour (sorry about photo) that would mean there is a fault at time of manufacture. Something Time need to be or are aware of.

I have 100% faith in http://www.paintmybike.com.au that they could fix the problem, at my cost. Getting hold of the stickers will be the issue.

My concern longterm is the warranty. I have probably shot myself in the foot posting here, would Time had known If I ever needed to have it warrantied?

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by crohnsy

I doubt the colour change is due to a manufacturing error. Most likely either the white paint or the clear coat was missing a UV stabilizer or something to that effect. As elviento said paint is rarely a warranty related matter.

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by maverick_1

this is a common "problem" with TIME frames (VXRS etc)

i have the VXRS Ulteam 2007, and having the same problem as well, whereby the white decals are gradually changing to
yellowish over time. guess it's related to the UV stabilizer etc.
i don't think the lifetime warranty covers the paint as well, though you can just check with the distributor for confirmation.

anyway, cosmetic aside, it's one of the best riding framesets so far.


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by carbon2329

It, unfortunatly, is a common issue with Time.

I know a Time dealer, pretty well and he says the same thing. It is the decals. Time white paint is good, but they have a history with white decals going yellow. The LBS owner I know, who is a dealer, even had his RXR (the red one) do the same thing. The top-tube "Time" decals that were white, went yellowish.

I don't know if they will warentee, but that is the history, at least as I know it. :D

I hope they are trying to fix it, on curent frames and future frames.

I understand your frustration.

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by Gregorio

Not just TIME but many white bikes end up yellowing. I have a 2007 Orbea that is kind of marbled ivory. Deda makes an off white or ivory bar tape that looks good with it. :lol:
I have seen specialized and wilier do the same.

by Weenie

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by eifelschleicher

Here is my story:

i own a VXRS Ulteam 2007.
After about 2 years everything started to turn yellow, frame fork and stem.
Although i didn't like this issue i am very happy with the bike itself so i decided to take it as it is.

After two more years the bottombracket has come loose and i relied on the lifetime warranty.
I handed the frame to our TIME distributor (MCG Germany) and told them if the frame goes to TIME France for a reglueing of the bb anyway i would like to have it repainted as i figure a manufacturer problem with the paintjob.

Then a big discussion started (like three times back and forth) between TIME France and the distributor as TIME said warranty of the paintjob is 2 years only.
Finally the german distributor paid for the paintjob (i don't know how much) and after 5 month i got the frame back and it looked like new.
Frame, fork and stem is relabled and newly painted. (the bb is fixed as well)

Since then i.e. for the last 1 1/2 years i do not see a change of color so far.

So as it didn't cost me anything and i am very happy with the result and the engagement of the distributor, all i could do was to send a box of wine to the people at MCG Germany and tell them how much i appreciate the outcome of the story.

I don't know if this helps, but if you have to deal with TIME France: be patient!

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