Removing residual sticker glue from carbon rims?

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by Philt

OK, I peeled off the stickers from my Fulcrum Racing Speed wheels and they've left a horrible gunge behind them on the rims.

What's the best thing for removing this gunge? I've tried acetone and non acetone nail varnish remover, all with limited effect. (Please note - solvents were tested on an old rim first).

Any ideas team?

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by btompkins0112

Check out Goo-Gone or Goof-Off.......they both have worked well for me.

by Weenie

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by Rick

Naptha (lighter fluid)

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by Camilo

mineral spirits
lighter fluid
goo gone

(tested like you did, of course)

Sometimes it takes a little soaking - wet a rag with the solvent and lay it on the residue for a few minutes, wipe rinse repeat.

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by SL58

I use charcoal lighter fluid, it works.
Also use hot air gun or hair dryer (carefully) and wipe off softened gunk.

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by fdegrove


Diesel oil, household petrol.

Ciao, ;)

PS: Hi there, Koen. :hello:
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by MDiddy

I've always used goof off without any problems.

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by tommasini

Try the same as I do for tubbie glue - which involves lacquer thinner (or occasionally I use acetone)

But don't just try to rub it on with a rag and hope it comes off instantly....instead wipe a good bit on (in a safe and ventilated place) using a cotton rag, then a few minutes wipe on more again, and finally a few minutes later for the 3rd time......this time rub with some aggression because by now the solvent has gotten things "ripe" for removal and the action of the cotton cloth rubbed firmly (paper towels suck) should begin to show fast results
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by strobbekoen

fdegrove wrote:PS: Hi there, Koen. :hello:

Hi there too, Frank :D

by Weenie

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