Base layer what to pick?

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by CBJ

Looking for a fall and winter base layer. I like it to have a longer cut so it give a little more coverage. I am looking for both long and short sleeve.

What is your favorite and why?

Side story I am looking for a for my old base layer which I have had since forever but it was used as a tourniquet on a mtb ride when they guy I rode with had a small stomp of a branch go into his arm.

by Weenie

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by ross

I like the Rapha ones myself which are cut long, but they are quite thin so I have a couple of these in short and long sleeve for winter use. Cheap but good quality ... yer-m-200/

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by kbbpll

To me this is one of those areas where "cycling specific" doesn't matter. Any merino wool base layer works. I use the same base layers for skiing and biking. I use my winter cycling gloves for skiing as well.

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by sanrensho

For winter layers, Craft all the way. Make sure you pick one of the layers with a long tail. Very durable. I have 1/2 a dozen, some creeping up around the 10 year point, and all are still going strong. No holes or seams coming undone.

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by Musiker ... utwet.html
I really like outwet subzero for winter
High neck and windproof front is why

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by CBJ

I already have a Gore Windstopper base layer if the outer layer are not windproof but not so great when it gets colder and I am wearing a windproof jacket.

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by TwiggyTN

As above, Craft. So durable, can't remember how long I've had many of them. The Windstopper ftonted one's are great for those very cold days. Long tails too.

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by idler

If warmth is important - Endura BaaBaa I reckon is the best. The Wiggle DHB merino version isn't bad - but it sizes up very small.

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by djm

Agreed, Craft.

I also have some from Devold (Norwegian brand) and Helly-Hansen (used to be Norwegian) in wool and a wool mix, which are real nice for winter use.

For summer I use Sportful and the sleeveless layers from Rapha.

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by Rush

For cool conditions I've settled on Patagonia trail-running synthetic baselayers. Quick drying, they wick well and don't stink.

If it gets really cold (we're talking Australian winters here, so < 8 degrees celcius) I'll use merino.

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by Rick

IMO polypro still rules for base layers. Merino retains water and stays warm but gets heavy and stays damp.
Any polypro that you can find cheap is probably acceptable. You can get it on sale around hunting season. I happen to have quite a few Castelli base layers that I found on sale.

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by Vagabond

I'm very pleased with Assos. I used their sleeveless summer base layer on a recent trip to the Italian and Swiss Alps. It worked flawlessly from the warm valleys all the way up to the occasional mid-30s (fahernheit) on top of the Stelvio and Gavia passes. I was warm enough to climb up into the cold donning only arm warmers, Defeet wool gloves, and a hat. It was my first time ever wearing base layers cycling and I'm a convert for the cooler days. I brought a spring/fall base layer as well and never wore it.
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by djconnel

I love my thin wool undershirt. It has a broad temperature range, I can wear it multiple times (as long as I air dry it after) without washing, it's comfortable, and it resists water.

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by geedawg

Another vote for Craft, especially their Active Extreme line. They've got different garments for different temps, including some Gore Windstopper pieces. I've tried a ton of kit from different brands (Castelli, Rapha, Assos, etc.) and no one compares to Craft for baselayers (regular riding kit is a different story), although Castelli is coming close with their Flanders line.

I wear the Craft stuff everyday in the winter even when not riding! Just under the work clothes.

by Weenie

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by Jmdesignz2

I have used Craft but not as much as Icebreaker merino.
Polypro is also a good standby.

I don't ride in super cold weather. Wind breaker, base layer, jersey and arm warmers plus liner gloves and ear band at most.

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