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by djm

mjduct, truth is a lot of youngsters will try these dangerous downhill maneuvers no matter the safety, and they will be inspired by these pros. Fining seems like a bad approach. I'm open to looking at it from a darwinian perspective as long as they don't drag down others with them.

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by tymon_tm

omg, these days you gotta put warnings on everything. soon kids won't know fire can burn them unless there's big a$$ sign. this is a part of living - trying things. that's how you develop your senses and your skills. there will always be this 0,001% of population who try too much and end badly, but labeling everything unburdens people from thinking, and that's even more dangerous :smartass:
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

by Weenie

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by martinko

Putting cat in microwave oven because it was not forbidden in the manual seems to me ridiculous too (same as many other curious things people do and then argue about).

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by 53x12

Because it is the UCI's job to make amateur riding safer. /sarcasm

Sean Kelly is off his rocker on this one.
"Marginal gains are the only gains when all that's left to gain is in the margins."

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by IchDien

It was an Irishman commentating but quite sure it wasn't SK.

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by DanW

There was a great little piece on the BBC about Beryl Burton. Well worth reading more about her passion for cycling and achievements on the bike if you get the chance. The sound clips of her speaking about riding and racing were really humble and inspirational. Loved hearing her tell the story of passing Mike McNamara who was himself on his way to breaking the 12 hour TT record.... and offering him a liquorice allsort on the way past! Not a bad way to become the only woman to have ever held a male cycling record time. It 's also pretty awesome that the UK seems to really be embracing the TDF start in Yorkshire :D

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by Pharmstrong

53x12 wrote:Sean Kelly is off his rocker on this one.

It was Declan Quigley.

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by elSid

Sean Kelly made a few daring descents in his day. For example...


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by DartanianX

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but Rui Costa rode to victory aboard a new, lightweight Merida Reacto KOM.


And have to say, its looking very tidy.

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by spdntrxi

I want to know more about the Di2 cage.. big pulleys and looks longer . although the cassette look "normal" not bigger then 28t

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by DartanianX

No doubt if your going to invest $ into a oversized cage you'd want it to be able to handle 28+, but for the photo shoot only a 28 was used.

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by mentok

does he really race on conti comps?

also, where is the powermeter? i thought those lampre kids were running p2m or rotor powermeters?

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by efeballi

Pulley cages look like Berner's 15T pulleys that (allegedly) reduce chain friction.
I agree that it looks superb.

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by jooo

Costa wasn't using a normal crank, he was definitely using a PM.

The RD cage is the 'usual' Berner - which he also didn't seem to be using in the race, at least not on the climbing stages.


by Weenie

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by petepeterson

Berner cage
Unmarked Bonts
P2Max power meter
And plenty of weenies hate on Conti Competitions but they have seen a few wins under the likes of Movistar, BMC, Lotto, lampre...

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