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by tymon_tm

NS wrote:In my opinion the RFEC have lost all credibility this following on from the Valverde farce, the operation puerto cover up and the latest Fuentes scandal that will never unearth anyone of great consequence.

About time someone independent took responsibility for testing and sentencing of offenders. And not the UCI I mean one body doing all the sports with the same test criteria and the same punishments. WADA should be doing it.

huh, that would be nice :lol: can you imagine ManU zillion-dollar gel-haired stars under such doping-control regime? or any other football team for that matter? does anyone expect golf and tennis players, F1 drivers, or heavy weight champs who make more in a year than whole cycling does, to obey all those procedures on whereabouts, peeing on demand etc.?

we all know cycling's facing doping issues cause it's poor and badly managed. 'large' disciplines will never ever allow any such scandal to emerge, that might harm their image or income
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

by Weenie

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by tymon_tm

rustychain wrote:Historically Spain has been a (the) place to go for doping for over a decade now.

maybe they go there because of the climate. you know, hot and sunny? who'd like to have a blood transfusion done in finland or estonia? 8)
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by swinter

The Spanish Federation seems to be the worst, but the basic problem is the structure: A national federation that promotes its athletes has too many disincentives to monitor effectively and punish those same athletes.

At the end of the day, UCI has much the same problem.

An independent body is absolutely necessary.

(Spain is warm, guys. And with lots of mountains. It's a great place to train. That why they're there. And that's why the "doctors" and "trainers" are there to serve them.)
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by prendrefeu

tymon_tm wrote:
rustychain wrote:who'd like to have a blood transfusion done in finland or estonia?

A blood bag will last longer in Finland. :wink:
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by majklnajt

What goes around, comes around...

Contador notably stated that in Spain, cattle were being illegally treated with Clenbuterol. "This is absolutely false," the association stated. "In 2010, the authorities carried out 14,179 controls, and there was not one positive case for Clenbuterol."


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by HammerTime2

Willier wrote:
hockinsk wrote:I wonder if Contador still eats red meat in Spain? Bet he does!

He said on spanish TV, that he has become a vegetarian
Contador went on to state "From now on, I will only consume vegeteble-based PEDs, no more meat-based PEDs for me. Andy can stick with the meat-based-PEDs, but not for me." He then shot his trademark finger gun and went on to say "But seriously folks, because plastic is not environmentally friendly, from this point on, I will only use glass containers to store my blood, since I don't want to be responsible for use of a plastic bag which might end up in a landfill or something, or could end up in a stream and might result in a clenbuterol-laced cow choking on it. Of course, I am only storing my own blood in case it's needed for a severe accident, and of course I don't wish to take a chance on a blood donor having ingested any PEDs, because that would give me an unfair advantage, inadvertent as it might be."

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by hockinsk

The sad thing, is a rider stands by the WADA/UCI testing procedures year after year when trying to prove they are riding clean, yet when caught, all of a sudden those same procedures are somehow not to be trusted. Contador is now saying that what has happened to him is a great step forwards for the sport.

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by micky

Bennati becoming the new Zabel?

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by devinci

micky wrote:Bennati becoming the new Zabel?

yeah the guy already has a bunchload of 2nd places

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by choylifut

First you have to start as a Zabel and win multiple Milan San Remos.

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by me

Does anyone know if ASO can still not invite teams to the Tour and their other races like they have done in the past?

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by jooo

This issue frustrates me. I see it as black and white. He's tested positive so ban him. Even if it was accidental - too bad. Take the ban, get on with your life and stop being a pathetic wimp.

It's easy for me to say that not being in that position and being 'innocent' (hahahahaha :lol: hahahahaha) - but people can be caught and need to be made an example of to others plain and simple. Even if something was accidental it would serve as an example for others to be more careful with their day to day life.

The onus is on the rider to ensure they are following procedure, not to do what they want and get away with a slap on the wrist when it's pointed out they have done something wrong.

end rant

swinter wrote:
NS wrote:I never saw this coming what with the spanish being so hard on drugs in sport and all

Very funny, NS.

I agree with the rest of the posters: This is a travesty. And I will even admit that I was a Contador fan.

The problem in this case is that the test for the plastic residue (from transfusions) hasn't yet been approved, so that evidence isn't admissible in the doping proceedings. But, from everything I've read, it sounds pretty clear that he did the clenbuterol earlier in the season (just before Paris-Nice), stored some of that blood, and then transfused it -- with the clenbuterol residue -- during the Tour.

It turns out that the new Floyd Landis is right: UCI and organized cycling protects its stars.

Maybe WADA will appeal.

I know the plasticiser test hasn't been approved as an anti doping measure, but surely it can be used in the case against Contador. Or maybe it's just another coincidence :roll: :lol:

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by 2002SaecoReplica

The part that I don't really understand, and this is probably ignorance on my part just as to how EU rules work, but aren't their regulations as far as cattle production? I guess what I'm getting at is if Contador's story is indeed true, I know in the states something like this would cause the Food and Drug Administration, the part of the federal government charged with making sure food is safe, wouldn't the EU equivalent want to open an investigation? Clen is banned in the EU so wouldn't they want to know what cattle producer was using it on his stock so they could shut him down? I mean I could imagine that every cow has a number that can be tracked back to the farm where it was raised.
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by jmilliron

2002SaecoReplica wrote:wouldn't the EU equivalent want to open an investigation?

Maybe, if anyone actually believed such an outrageously bogus story.
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by Weenie

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

One of the german anti-doping labs just announced that they had tested 28 university students, who had spent a week in China. 22 of them had clenbuterol in the blood.

I think that goes to show that as an athlete, you can not control everything that gets into your body or not. I for one, believe the "steak story" as completely plausible.

Many people are so quick to judge -in this case, Contador. We don't know shit about the premises in the verdict. Time will tell wether UCI will be convinced also. Until then, go for a ride. I can't because of all that f.....n snow! :evil:

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