conti gp 4000s on roller

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by fayrwerks

are the conti gp4000s noisy on rollers? coming from pro2 and pro3 tires im assuming that the 4000s will be a bit louder than the pro3s. any feedback?
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by Weenie

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by Sasha011

don't do it!!!
always ride some very cheap tyres on the roller... they wear incredibly fast...
best thing is to buy tyres that are made for rollers every manufacterer has those
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by bikewithnoname

get the orange coloured conti home trainer tyre, lasts really well on rollers/trainers and is relatively quiet.
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by Maverick

Hold on a second guys - I think riding on rollers vs riding a trainer are two different things.

GP4000S on rollers, in fact basically any tyre, is fine.

GP4000S on a trainer is not ideal, it will wear it out pretty quickly.

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by pave

I would just like to say that on my current rear conti 4000s I have about 6000km of which at least 1000 were made on the trainer. I still have those dimples that show that there is still life in the thread of the tire. I have between 83-88 kg.

I was also afraid that I'll destroy my nice tyre but....

by Weenie

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by Stats

it shouldn't be any more noisy... i went from a Pro3 to a GP4000S on rollers and trainers and noticed no difference... because the centre of both treads are smooth and without tread...

the other advice i would give is not to use that particular tyre on the rollers or a trainer... the GP4000S especially, will wear a flat spot in the centre of the tyre incredibly fast...

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