How are those little Torque Keys?

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by Catagory6

i have a beam-style torque wrench for the heavy-duty stuff, and a 4nm torque key for the small stuff.
just wondering how trust worthy that little key is?
does it lose accuracy, like a click-style can if dropped, or with age?
i was just tightening up some stem bolts, and it just seemed like it was much higher torque before it clicked, than in the past.

by Weenie

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by mattr

Not very. The click is a very simple mechanism that will be affected by use or extremes of temperature. Probably not so much by dropping though.
If it's plastic it might be affected by solvents, grease, oil etc.
You can get small beam wrenches for not much. Like this. ... its-459400

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by nickf

The standard 5nm click style ones seem to be ok as long as the part requires 5nm. Anything less I feel they lose some accuracy. I use a Park TW-5 for my extralite and MCFK parts and never had a problem. The preset ones seem to always turn the bolt ever so slightly after it clicks, not enough control and a short travel "click" makes it easy to over do it. That's my experience anyways.

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by Vagabond

I spend a lot of money on my frames. It would be silly to crack something for want of a quality tool that only costs a fractuon of the frame. I have Nice torque wrenches. I wouldn’t trust one of those cheap wrenches after a couple of years use.
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by Catagory6

i just tested the 4nm key against my new beam-style 7nm torque wrench, and it showed to be just about the same.

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