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by jrobart

jrobart wrote:
reknop wrote:
jrobart wrote:Quarq DFour cranks and new DA 52/36 rings. And a Wahoo Kickr
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Curious to learn how you like the Quarq. With the Dura Ace chainrings a good solution to integrate with the Dura Ace 9000 groupset and having carbon cranks. :)

Going to install this weekend. I'll report back after a ride or two.

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Road the Quarq today and I have to say so far so good. Plenty stiff and the shifting is still spot on! The move to 52/36 from 50/34 also feels really good.

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by Weenie

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by irongatsby


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by JackRussellRacing

As much as I love my eTap bike, my Di2 bike still deserves some love. Adios you ugly rubber band. Hello RaceWare! :)


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by flying

Looking around at whats available in a sturdy
all around clincher this price was hard to beat ...And... includes delivery :thumbup:


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by DaReef

irongatsby wrote::mrgreen:

Let us know how you like it after a few long rides...hope you bought from REI.

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by wingguy

I've put about 450 miles on a demo ALM in the last two weeks and it's a genuinely brilliant saddle.

It's the first non channelled saddle I've tried for a while and my first impression was that I wouldn't get on with it when riding low, but a few degrees of nose down has hit a sweet spot where I'm planted on the saddle but I can ride super low and forward TT style on the flats and not have any pressure issues. Riding up in the hoods and climbing it's perfect, probably the best I've ridden.

As always though, YMMV. We're all different shapes and riding styles.

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by danbjpa

I won an auction, 29$!

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by Kayrehn

danbjpa wrote:I won an auction, 29$!

Surprise wins are such a joy

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by calvin

New wheelset from Yoeleo


And Veloflex Master tyres


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by flying

danbjpa wrote:I won an auction, 29$!

Congrats :thumbup:

Those are one of my favorite bibs these days
Very comfy :D

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by miltmaster3

on the wayImage

in watt mode
πατα τραβα ρε

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by kgt


I just got a used Selle SMP composit (for 70 euros) just to test if it really works as they claim.


by Weenie

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by wobbly

1415chris wrote:Silca hiro v2


Nice piece of kit :thumbup:
how is it for ease of use and from where did you source the adapter to connect the tube to the head ?

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