no handed road bike wheelie!!

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by currieinahurry ... re=related
just wow thats legendary behaviour!

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by Theros

Must be the Zipp dimples that create the lift :D

by Weenie

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by geraldatwork

I like how the other rider is struggling to make it up the same hill.
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by frd

I don't know if it's the same guy, but there is on crazy italian that has done Stelvio & co. no-handed, IIRC he also did the Stelvio up and down while playing two or three instruments. :lol:

He wrote a book and he has a website with a list of its performances, but I can't remember his name.

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by iliveonnitro

I used to be able to hold a decent wheelie on my mtb, but i tried it on a road bike and it's just not the same. How do you do it, especially with no hands?!


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by choylifut

as a kid i could ride a wheelie as far as i wanted in a bmx bike, but can't ride one for 20 feet on a road bike. that was fun. thanks

by Weenie

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by theremery

Other than the h/b's floating should be like riding a unicycle....shouldn't it? (all be it, a VERY expensive unicycle!!!!)
Hmmmmm....I can ride a unicycle (badly)....why can't I wheelie.....even WITH hands????
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